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Scoliosis in Children

Written by Dr. Zachary S. Donnici (DC) | Date: 03 December 2018

If you are Singaporean, you must be familiar with the spine check you have to go through in Primary School. If the nurse suspects that you have scoliosis, they most likely refer you to the Health Promotion Board for further checks. Often these checkups result in you being asked to wear a brace, or having to wait and see until your scoliosis is sever enough for an operation. These passive recommendations, which in one case...

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5 Bad Habits That Cause Low Back Pain

Written by Dr. Zachary S. Donnici (DC) | Date: 26 November 2018

Back pain is a common occurrence for a lot of us. Regardless of age or profession, it strikes us unexpectedly- after a night’s sleep, in the middle of a workout, while bending down to reach for the mobile phone you just dropped. But as unexpected as it may seem, it probably is a manifestation of an accumulation of habits in your daily life.

We will visit some of the things we do habitually in our lives that actually...

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What do Adjustments Feel Like?

Written by Dr. Zachary S. Donnici (DC) | Date: 15 November 2018

One reason that some people are a little leery of getting their spine checked by a chiropractor is because they are concerned about the adjustment. They may have found videos on YouTube of people being adjusted and the have a bit of fear around the “popping” and “cracking” sound that is often featured on these videos to get hits on the internet.

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Bulletproof Your Back at Work Today

Written by Dr. Zachary S. Donnici (DC) | Date: 05 November 2018

It’s no doubt that having back pain or any kinds of pain can affect your mood, concentration and your productivity at work. If you want to perform well at work, you should not be limited with pain. Bulletproof your back today! Understanding what causes back pain at work can help you prevent it.

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5 Top Benefits of Chiropractic that I Wish Someone Had Told Me About

Written by Dr. Zachary S. Donnici (DC) | Date: 10 October 2018

Chiropractic is relatively new in Singapore as compared to other types of alternative healthcare. There has been a clear upward trend in recognition though, with more people having heard of Chiropractic. That is not a surprise with our modern day technology that allows speedy access to the internet on a smart phone. A quick search on “pain” will likely have Chiropractic as a potential solution to that problem.

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