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    Helen M

    “I suffered a compression fracture in the L5 vertebra due to a fall in 2006. Since then, I have undergone an operation to insert cement into the damaged vertebra but to no avail.

    I have also undergone two operations to cauterize the nerves but the relief from the pain was short-lived. I have been living with constant pain since the fall until I decided to consult Full Potential Chiropractic.

    The relief I felt was almost immediate.

    After adjustments, I am more or less pain free and can go about the daily routine without the pain. Thank you very much for the excellent care!*”




    “Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from sore neck, stiffness on my shoulders and lower back aches. I was under a lot of stress and sometimes had trouble sleeping. This affected me in my work as well as my family life. I always thought the problem was muscular but through chiropractic, I found that it was skeletal.

    Thanks to chiropractic, I feel much better! The pain had reduced tremendously only after only a short time.

    I’m sure I will be able to live my life to the fullest through my chiropractic care.*”




    “Meeting Full Potential Chiropractic at their roadshow at Square 2 was timely in late August as I was looking for medical care to deal with my severe back pain, which has recurred previously but simply went away after rest. But this time it has persisted. They approach in using the scan and x-rays bolstered my confidence in accepting your treatment offer.

    After the first week my back improved to the extent I could remove 2 of the 3 pillows used to prop myself up for sleep at night. Improvement continued and I could resume my almost daily walks (but no weights at the gym!) before going to work.

    The best was a pain free week where I travelled by coach for a conference in Malaysia. Treatment without drugs is a preferred option for me.

    I look forward to a relatively pain-free lifestyle which will enable me to swim and exercise in the gym besides walking and standing to teach.*”.


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    * Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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