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Begin your journey towards optimal health with experienced chiropractors in Singapore.

What is chiropractic?

Primarily focused on spinal health and the nervous system, chiropractors address the misalignments in the spine which interferes with the nervous system.

Our chiropractors are here to

reduce pain align posture prevent injuries

Chiropractic Singapore Adjustment

What can Chiropractic care help with?

Intricately linked to all parts of the body, the nervous system plays several vital roles that ensure we are physically healthy. Hence, when there is a condition ailing you and you’re noticing symptoms, it could indicate a misalignment in your spine, causing your nervous system to not function as it was designed.

At Chiropractic Singapore, we mainly help with the following symptoms:

Our chiropractors are highly reviewed & highly trusted .

Shiv Patil
1 week ago
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I had the pleasure of visiting Dr.Nurul (@Tampines) for chiropractic appointments, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I entered their clinic, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff is always helpful with my appointment rescheduling or general info. The doctors are expert in their field.
Asyraf Yunos
2 weeks ago
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The staffs at Jurong are very welcoming and friendly. Waiting time is not very long. Dr Yusri and Dr Diana is also very caring and careful and will try to find out if there’s any issues we are facing during each visit.
Ngee Chuan Seah
3 weeks ago
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Pleasant experience. Explain every detail to you. Relief of muscle tension after adjustment.
Just need to remember to do self exercise as prescribed by Chiropractor.
Jessica Johari
2 months ago
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The staff here are friendly and have a lot of patience with any concerns I have. The initial check up was thorough and after checking my x-rays, I was given a choice to continue and made the right one. The adjustments so far helped me get to the root of my migraines and I am relieved for it.
Girlie Edano
a month ago
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Coming to my 3rd month since I started my treatment and so far doing great! Staff are very nice and takes care of you well. Dr. Ryan is very professional & handles each adjustment carefully. Lower back pain is gone, slowly my neck stiffness improving and no need to apply anything to sleep better. Thank you!
Chiropractic Singapore Adjustment

Why choose us as your chiropractor?

Get to the root cause

We go beyond the symptoms to really understand your condition using a variety of tests and X-rays.

Plan for good health

Chiropractic goes beyond pain management.

We get to know your lifestyle, habits, and stressors to develop plans that help you work toward good health for life.

Efficient and effective

Our adjustments are quick and effective. 

Pop in and out for your adjustments without the need to allocate an hour a week.

Here to help

Our team is dedicated to treating you like family, and understanding what would work best for you and your health.

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Looking for a chiropractor near you?

The Woodleigh Mall

11 Bidadari Park Dr #02-30

Our Tampines Hub

1 Tampines Walk #B1-21

Novena Medical Centre

10 Sinaran Drive #10-14

The Westgate Tower

1 Gateway Drive #10-13

Looking for a chiropractor near you?

Our Tampines Hub

1 Tampines Walk

The Westgate Tower

1 Gateway Drive

The Woodleigh Mall

11 Bidadari Park Dr #02-30

Novena Medical Centre

10 Sinaran Drive


Your first chiropractic check-up

1. Consultation with the Chiropractor
The Chiropractor will use your history intake form to understand your pain points, clinical history, and your health goals.

We will use this to discuss the pain and injuries that you are experiencing.
2. Comprehensive Spinal Examination
To get an in-depth understanding of your condition, we utilise a comprehensive series of 6 different tests to evaluate the health and alignment of your spine.

This helps us gain a holistic understanding of your condition.
3. Spinal X-rays
(if required)
In many cases, spinal X-rays are critical in confirming an accurate diagnosis. They tell us how severe the possible misalignments are, and if there are any complicating factors present.

We work with off-site radiology partners to take your X-rays, and this will be done between your first and second session.
4. Your Spinal Health Report
After your initial check-up, we will schedule you for your follow-up consultation with the Chiropractor to go through results of the check-up.

At this appointment, we will explain to you the findings, your suitability for chiropractic care, and our best recommendations on any action that needs to be taken.
the people who's got your back

Experienced chiropractic team who understands your needs

Our team is fully accredited, and have gone through an intensive four-year programme focusing on anatomy, physiology, neurology, orthopedics, radiology, bio-mechanics, physical examination, advanced imaging, diagnosis, and chiropractic technique. Our focus is on helping your nervous system reach optimal flow so that your body can heal itself.

To maintain the highest standards of care, we’ve also established a rigorous internal training system that ensures a consistent and exceptional experience for you. Our collaborative approach means our entire team functions as a cohesive unit, offering you the flexibility to transition between our centres as needed, making your well-being our top priority at every step of your health journey.