Doctor of Chiropractic Qualifications

Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) are holistic health care providers who specialize in improving the health and integrity of your spine and nervous system.

In the USA, DC’s must first complete a four-year, pre-chiropractic degree at a university before entering a post-graduate, fully accredited Doctorate of Chiropractic program.

The course of study is an intensive four-year (4500 hours) program focusing on anatomy, physiology, neurology, orthopedics, biomechanics, physical examination, radiology, advanced imaging, diagnosis, and chiropractic technique. An exhaustive clinical internship in an outpatient clinic is an important part of the training as well.

Upon completion of this course of study, the DC must pass rigorous national and state board examinations before being licensed to practice.

As chiropractic is a very young profession in Asia, there is currently no licensing board in Singapore.

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) oversees the granting of employment passes for foreign DC’s.

The MOM makes sure that all DC’s practicing in Singapore have valid and qualified degrees from accredited chiropractic institutions and have valid licenses or registration to practice in their countries of origin.

Chiropractic is a separate and distinct field of heath care and not a branch of medicine. DC’s are not medical doctors, they do not prescribe drugs or perform any medical procedures. They are trained to understand when a referral to a medical profession is necessary.

Not Everyone Claiming to Be a Chiropractor is Qualified

The Doctors of Chiropractic of Full Potential Chiropractic are fully qualified, and practice with the highest commitment and integrity.

It is somewhat common in Singapore for TCM and massage professionals to call themselves chiropractors or claim that they “do chiropractic” without the proper qualifications. Please make sure that any chiropractor you see is fully qualified.

Chiropractic is much more than having your spine crudely manipulated. Restoring the alignment of your spine involves careful analysis, detailed training and technical expertise.

The most prestigious chiropractic colleges are located in the United States and New Zealand.

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