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Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) are fully qualified professionals specializing in the health and alignment of your spine, as well as the overall function of your nervous system. Please refer to next question for more.

They not only help you feel better by restoring your innate ability to heal and maintain yourself, thus reducing pain or problems you are experiencing, but also promote wellness to help you live your life to your full health potential.

This is achieved through chiropractic adjustments, which restore the natural alignment of your spine and improve the function of your nervous system. Adjustments are very specialized procedures, and should only be applied by highly skilled and trained chiropractors.

Doctors of Chiropractic are primary healthcare providers. They are fully qualified to diagnose conditions and trained to refer to the appropriate medical professional when necessary.

A physiotherapist will focus more on strict pain treatment. Physiotherapists will treat the local area of injury using a variety of modalities and techniques, and may help to restore movement or reduce pain.

In Singapore, a 3-year diploma qualification from Nanyang Polytechnic is required to practice as a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are not trained to diagnose health conditions. They are basically technicians that follow instructions.

Subluxation is a primary contributing factor to what we commonly call “slipped disc.”

“Slipped disc” is a disc that may herniate (‘slip’, bulge) and press against a spinal nerve, due to injury, misuse, or degeneration. This trauma may be associated with pain and reduced mobility. In the majority of cases, the body resolves the swelling and absorbs (covers up) the deeper damage to the joint/disc mechanism.

No noticeable signs of damage occur until years later, and may first show up as a decrease in disc space (degeneration) and progress to osteoarthritis damage to the vertebrae.

Unless it is a traumatic injury, it is very likely that the “slipped disc” originated from a subluxation, or misalignment, in the spine. By getting your spine checked by a chiropractor and if found, correcting the subluxation early, can help stop the progression to a “slipped disc” and allow you to live optimally with full vitality.

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If someone is experiencing pain when they wake up, the pain is rarely caused ONLY by their mattress, or sleeping position, or their pillow. These factors can be important, but usually these areas are adding stress to an underlying injury in their spine and nerve system. They are making an existing problem worse and are not the cause.

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Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) are functional, holistic, wellness-oriented doctors who specialize in improving the health and integrity of the spine and nervous system. A DC is awarded after completion of a 4-year doctorate program, following a 4-year pre-requisite in basic sciences at university level.

All chiropractors are ensured by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Health to have valid and qualified degrees from an accredited chiropractic institution.

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Subluxation can happen as early as the birth process. Unnatural stresses can be placed on the baby’s spine even during natural birth, but with more people opting for medically induced labor, the severity of the stresses on the spine increases for the new-born.

As we grow up, modern life continues to present multitudes of different stresses, physical and psychological. Daily activities, like sitting for long hours with poor posture, slips and falls, sports activities, car accidents, heavy school bags, chemical irritants; as well as psychological stresses such as, work deadlines, projects, financial worries, can cause stress on the spinal bones to silently and painlessly misalign.

The continued use of smartphones and tablets, which is now so common, even for young children has made spine problems even more prevalent in our community.

But being common, does not mean that it should be normal. Learn about chiropractic, get adjusted, and allow yourself and your family to be protected early to live to your full health potentials.

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Everyone’s spine is different and have different story to tell. Therefore, your recommendation will be different and specifically suited for you.

Would you let a pilot fly blind? I don’t think so.

Our chiropractors at Full Potential Chiropractic Singapore want to fly with both eyes and wide open, to provide you with the care uniquely suited to you.

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The chiropractic profession has been around for over 120 years, and Full Potential Chiropractic has been serving families in Singapore for almost a decade.

Chiropractic is most well-established in North America where for many people, Doctors of Chiropractic are the first option when it comes to spinal care, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

Chiropractic adjustments are only given after a detailed consultation and examination designed to determine the precise and most effective way for our Doctors of Chiropractic to approach your health problems.

We ensure that our care is safe and effective by doing a comprehensive consultation and examination, often including advanced spinal imaging, before adjustments are given.

It is impossible to adjust you and care for you without a complete checkup to understand the unique state of your health.

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The sound associated with the chiropractic adjustment is actually not that important.

Sometimes there is a sound and sometimes there is a very effective adjustment delivered, that provides a lot of benefit, with no audible sound whatsoever. The popping sound is due to a change in pressure as the joint is moved in a specific way. There are small pockets of air or bubbles that surrounds the joint, the tissues are stretched during adjustment and the pocket of air “pop” which creates the cracking sound.

We are more concerned with the degree and quality of movement that was achieved with the adjustment. Motion is life; and your spine has be flexibly, stable, and well-aligned in order for you to be healthy.

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Yes! In fact, children and babies should be adjusted as they are even more susceptible to spinal problems, because of the high number of traumas they experience during their young lives.

No child is too young for an adjustment, and your Doctor of Chiropractic will often adjust the force required or utilize different techniques as determined most effective for your child.

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Yes, chiropractic can significantly improve the health of both mother and child.

During this amazing journey the mother experiences a number of physiological changes and it can cause a lot of stress on both the mother and the child.

One significant change is the increase of weight the mother has to bear. This can cause postural distortion and increase stress and tension on the mother’s lower back and pelvic region. Possible symptoms are numbness and tingling into her thighs, knees and feet as well as leg cramps.

Her upper back, neck and shoulder region may be affected due to the body’s attempts to compensate the forward shift in her belly.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to answer this question without doing a proper checkup and examination. The traumas that we face everyday varies between individuals therefore, we are unable to tell you how often you need to be adjusted.

It depends on the amount of damage that you have in your spine and if there are any other complicating factors. However, it is important to stick to the chiropractors’ recommendation in order to heal faster and get the best result.

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During the report of findings, if we have confirmed that your case is a chiropractic case we will offer you our recommendations. That includes, how often you have to be adjusted for, how long and the cost of the program.

We do not one-size-fits-all packages because all these programs are given based on your result from the checkup and xrays, but should you require a series of adjustments we do offer cost effective programs to make it more affordable.

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