Hazel Tan

Staff Development Manager
“I’ve been working in the service line for many years now and it has always been my passion. I love helping people; the satisfaction you get when you see smiles on their faces. I hope I can help and lead you towards radiant vitality.”

Zarinah Kiman

Chiropractic Assistant
“I have been working in the healthcare industry for a few years now. The demand of people seeking for healthcare help has been increasing over years. My passion to serve in healthcare has grown ever since I join this industry. Needles, medications and surgery might not be the best solution to cure a health problem. It could be just a temporary pain reliever. A lot of people do not know and understand about chiropractic care. I want to help to educate the community more about chiropractic care.”


Chiropractic Assistant
“Good health comes from within. I’m happy that I’m given this opportunity to help everyone and anyone achieve their optimal health in a natural way, without any drugs or surgery. The satisfaction I get from our practice members experiencing miracles with us, when nothing else they have tried previously have worked for them. It’s priceless! I will definitely do my part to create a community that makes chiropractic their way of life!”

Amanda Tan

Chiropractic Assistant
“It’s always been my greatest pleasure to help people improve their quality of life. After joining this chiropractic family, I’ve learnt so much and I’m so thankful for this great opportunity to help people expand their knowledge about spinal health and how it’ll benefit them, naturally. It’s a great joy to hear many stories from our practice members about how chiropractic has changed their lives and I hope as I go along, more and more people will join us and together, we can improve their quality of life and unleash their full potential with chiropractic.”

Doline Lee

Chiropractic Assistant

“After joining Full Potential Chiropractic family, I have learned how important our spine and nervous system are and how relying on drugs or surgery is not always the best way to cure a health problem.

I am amazed by our body’s healing ability through natural chiropractic care.

I hope to spread this good news and help educate our community on chiropractic. ”


Silvia Ho

Chiropractic Assistant

“The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it

Before joining Full Potential Chiropractic, I didn’t know that a lot of the common but not normal problems that we are having have such an intimate relationship with our spine and nervous system.

However, after joining Full Potential Chiropractic, it helped deepen my understanding of chiropractic and its benefits! Now I am more than happy to introduce this drug-less healing process to all my family, friends and anyone who needs help.”

Rosabella Soh

Chiropractic Assistant

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness

– Hannah Green 

It’s always my passion to work in a healthcare industry. I’ve been working in this line for about 3 years now. Before joining Full Potential Chiropractic, I have no idea that having misalignment in our spine will caused so much problem to our health. 

I always thought it’s just treating of the pain that we are dealing with. But after joining this family, I have clearer understanding of how chiropractic works and how much it can benefit us. I hope that I can create more awareness about this to our community!”

Tiffany Tay

Tiffany Tay


“Having been brought up in a family surrounded by needles and medication, it has been my life long task to seek healthcare that is natural and effective.

Working at Full Potential Chiropractic taught me the power of innate intelligence that is inside every single one of us. Being inspired by this fresh revelation, I hope to spread and share this good news with everyone.“

Email: tiffany@chiropractic-singapore.com.sg


Aline Chang

Admin and Accounts
“After joining Full Potential Chiropractic family, I realize what is drug-free and the importance of chiropractic care. I hope to share with everyone the miracle of chiropractic.”
Yeong Herk

K.Y. Herk

Roadshow Assistant Manager

“When I first joined Full Potential Chiropractic, I never knew how the power of nerve supply is related to our overall health.

Now I can say that chiropractic is the best choice to improve health and quality of life naturally. Sharing is caring so I wish to help more and more people with health problem to know about Chiropractic and how Chiropractic can help.”


Chow Yi Jie

Roadshow Executive

“Before I joined Full Potential Chiropractic big family, I wasn’t aware that spine problem can lead to others health problems and how important it is to have a healthy spine.

I’m glad that I’m now one of the members of this family. I wish to advocate what I learn here to everyone I know so that they don’t have to suffer lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and etc.”


Elvin Chong

Roadshow Executive

“Before joining the chiropractic industry, I never knew how important and sensitive is our spine.

Just like most people I have a bad habit of constantly playing with my phone, sit in front of the computer for a long time, carrying heavy bags and reading books in a hunched up posture.

Now I am more aware of my posture and would take special care of my spine. Afterall, the foundation of your spine is the foundation of your overall health. Healthy spine, Healthy life. “


Elren Lee

Roadshow Executive

“I had no idea what chiropractic was until I joined Full Potential Chiropractic, which was eye opener for me as I had never knew misalignment of the spine causes physical form of nerve stress that adversely impacts the body healing’s potential. After joining Full Potential Chiropractic, I realized that chiropractic has the power to unlock the full potential in you as well as maximizing the nervous system.

I am thrilled to share all about chiropractic to the society and delightful to be given the chance to help people that is experiencing pain.”

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