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Supplements to boost your immune system

Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

“I’m feeling run down, what supplements should I take?” This is a common question we encounter in our chiropractic centers. In a perfect world, if you were able to eat a high-quality, balanced diet, you wouldn’t need to take vitamins and minerals to

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5 Bad Habits That Cause Low Back Pain

Back pain is a common occurrence for a lot of us. Regardless of age or profession, it strikes us unexpectedly- after a night’s sleep, in the middle of a workout, while bending down to reach for the mobile phone you just dropped. But

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Can Chiropractic Help with Arthritis?

Can chiropractic adjustments help people suffering from arthritis? This is a fairly common question we are asked in our chiropractic centers. Let’s talk about arthritis and chiropractic. Strictly speaking, chiropractic is not a “treatment” for arthritis, but many people who are dealing with the pain

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Scoliosis in Children

If you are Singaporean, you must be familiar with the spine check you have to go through in Primary School. If the nurse suspects that you have scoliosis, they most likely refer you to the Health Promotion Board for further checks. Often these

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