Ever Since I started chiropractic, my breathing has become better as in I breathe softer. These few days, I have concentrated better in my studies. I think everybody should get their spine checked up!

Brandon Lee

Children Getting Healthier with Chiropractic


*”It all started when my family went shopping in Vivo City and we were about to go home when we passed by the roadshow. My sister seemed to have some spine problem but was not attended to so my mom went to Doctor Steve who was at the roadshow and he checked my sister. He briefly told my mom that she might have subluxation. So both of them went to the chiropractic center and signed her up for chiropractic care.

We were then offered check-up. After that, my mom wanted me to have a check and I did. I was excited to get checked and wanted to know if I had subluxation. When my parents knew that I had subluxation they signed me up too, and I had my first adjustment and continued to my 12th adjustment.

I felt a lot of difference, for example, I am able to sleep better, have more appetite and able to exercise without muscle pain the following day.

Right now, my whole family is signed up for care. If you want to unleash your best, join this chiropractic family!”

Jevan Choo


*”Chiropractic treatments helps to correct my posture and align my spine into position again. Now I can concentrate better in class and can run faster!

Thank you chiropractic!”

Lee Zhi Hua


*”I started seeking chiropractic care because my back posture was quite bad and it was affecting my health

And I cannot do well in school but after doing the chiropractic for quite a few session and doing the OSA,I felt much better.I wake up early in the morning feling good in school, I do better in my studies and exams due to be able to listen well while my teacher are teaching the topic.

I think if you have any back problem do consult chiropractic care before it get worse.”

Denzel Wong


*”I was walking around VivoCity with my family one evening when we saw the roadshow. My mother immediately asked me to have a check because when I was in primary school, I had a check once and the nurse said I might need to have a check next time as they suspect scoliosis.

I also suffered from backpain so when I signed up for the check up and x-rays and after the examination, I found out I had subluxation.

After several adjustments, I find that I have less back pain and I can sleep better and I have a better appetite now.

I would advice my friends and family to take care of their spine and they should go for chiropractic care if they have spine problems as it really helps. =) “

Valentia Choo


*”Before I went to Full Potential Chiropractic, I always felt uncomfortable and I always have to take medicine.

But since I was introduced to chiropractic, I felt like I was getting back to normal! And makes me relaxed.”

Aung Min


*”I first sought chiropractic care after my orthopaedist told me that I was suffering from subluxations as I am constant experiencing pains at my shoulders. The orthopaedist also told me that there is no way that it can be helped.

After going for intensive chiropractic adjustments, I felt a drastic change in my everyday life. Many improvements have been made to my life after seeking chiropractic care, I am able to do a lot more things like simple movements in softball and back bends in ballet. Not only that, I can feel that the amount of back pains that I have experienced decreased by a lot!

If I have any family members experiencing constant back aches, I would encourage them to get their spine checked as I am able to feel the difference after chiropractic adjustments. The best part is that chiropractic adjustments do not hurt, not even a bit. I’m sure if the diagnosis is correct and they do the adjustments, it would be taking a huge step towards better health.”

Alethea Lee


*”My parents began to notice that my posture wasn’t correct when they had begun chiropractic care and they decided to bring me along too.

I was completely oblivious to just how bad my posture was until I was shown my x-rays. I began chiropractic care only expecting on improving my posture and did not expect the results I have received. I am now able to focus much better, move my head much more easily and I have notices a huge improvement in how tired I get during the day.

As well as this, I have been more comfortable when sitting and walking. I didn’t know how much subluxation was truly holding me back.

My advice would be to seek out chiropractic care, even with the slightest discomfort or spinal concern because I can assure you that your wellbeing will improve in more ways than once.”

Emily Cooper


*”When my parents asked me to join them at first I thought that it was a waste of time, but after suffering from back pain I decided to give it a go.

I realized that chiropractic not only helped me with my back pain but also made me more flexible. I was able to do physical things like running with ease. I took a lot of time and effort to get this far and I am hoping to achieve more.

To achieve full potential is not made by the chiropractic doctors but by yourself. To all who is considering to go for natural chiropractic care, my advice to you is go for it!”

Mikhail Tan


*”When I started chiropractic, I always sleep at 11pm but my bed-time is 10pm. I took a very long time to sleep. But now, I sleep in just five minutes! Plus I could not really do the split for my dance but now I can almost do it! So, I would encourage everyone to get their spine checked!”

Megan Lee

“Ever Since I started chiropractic, my breathing has become better as in I breathe softer. These few days, I have concentrated better in my studies. I think everybody should get their spine checked up!”

Brandon Lee

** Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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