I have experienced tremendous improvements, I no longer feel dizzy when I stand at a attention. I feel I am more in control of my head, body and breathing when I exercise.. I experience new energy level and my mood has been surprisingly good too…*

Janice Ngin

Headache Testimonials


“After adjustments, the numbness and tingling in my fingers substantially decreased. And I no longer have neck pain. Chiropractic is the best!”



“Chiropractic has given improvements to my health that feel less pain, sleep well… No more headache that bother me a lot beforehand. Best result without any drugs consumption for better healings.”



“The constant pain and headache I had were unbearable. This had even given me problems in doing my daily affairs in optimum condition. The pain had caused my mood to be down and even sometimes frustrated. There fore I decided to seek professional help. After realizing that I suffer from subluxation, I went through care at Full Potential Chiropractic. After every adjustment, I feel a lot better, and lesser pain is felt each time. The progress has motivated me to continue and stay committed to my adjustment plan…

If I were to give advice to my loved ones who are going through the same situation, I would like them to start their chiropractic care early for quicker and a more efficient healing progress. 
Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Eddie Loke


*”I was having pain on my left shoulder and left side of the neckfor many years. I have tried various methods to alleviate this pain, from medication to massage to TCM. However, it only relieves the pain temporarily. Following that, my lower back started to feel sore over the last 2 years. That was when I have decided to give chiropractic a try.

Just within a couple of adjustment, my neck and shoulder pain are gone. The soreness on my lower back has also lessen and less frequent.

I would recommend those who are having suffering various kind of muscular pain to try chiropractic care. It really works.”


Stephanie Loh


*”I used to have many kinds of pain and discomforts that was believed to be very unusual for someone who is only past 20. I spent so much time & money on medical check-ups and treatments that didn’t help with my pains and sufferings. I was basically helpless and emotionally drained. I found out about Full Potential Chiropractic.

As usual, I didn’t expect much when I gave a shot at first. But the result after just a couple of adjustments, was unbelievable.

Ever since my 1st adjustment, I have noticed some positive changes…

I stopped feeling headache neck pain and unbearable lower back pain which used to be diagnosed as a symptoms of kidney problem.

Fortunately, FPC got me to realise that the root of all the pain was in my spine and it was TRUE! Just short period since I joined this family, I became much productive and active. I come to enjoy every single moment of my life. Life is short, Let’s not spend it with so much pain!


There is actually a way to greater life – Chiropractic!”

Temy B.


*”Before the treatment, I always have backaches whenever I sit or stand upright. Because of this, my posture is always in a hunchback position. Besides that, I also have frequent migraine. Whenever I lean against the wall in a sitting position, I will incur neck ache and it leads to migraine.

However, after going through the midst of intensive treatments, I realized that I no longer have my backaches. Now I am able to stand upright for the whole day while doing my shopping. Even the migraine has become lessen. It is a great pleasure to see such huge improvement within a short period of time.”

Aileen Lin


*”I was in some serious pain when I firstly join Full Potential Chiropractic, especially I have been having a constant back pain and neck pain.

With the detailed information given by the practice, it helps me to understand more in how to improve my overall perception how chiropractic care can help me in a long run for better health. Ever since my 1st adjustment, I have noticed some positive changes.

It not just ease my back and neck pain, but also the chiropractic care has given me other benefits, somehow it helps me to improve my sleeping quality and more energy on daily basis.

I know for sure that I am in the right care, thanks to Full Potential Chiropractic for all the best care and encouragement you gave me.”


*”My initial reason to seek chiropractic care was because of my headache and neck pain which I was admitted in the EMD and gotten my spine X-ray that shown that my cervical spine was really out of alignment.

After about a mouth of consistent adjustment, my headache and neck pain is almost 100% gone and I get to sleep better. Falling asleep is a lot easier. Lack of concentrate at work is no longer an issue.

I would strongly encourage my love ones to consider chiropractic management, to at least go for a checkup.

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic for making life pain free!”

Veronica Loh


*“I had suffered neck and back pain for a few years’ time. Until one day I felt that I cannot tolerate the pain and discomfort anymore, it was then did I started to think about seeking help from professionals. Fortunately, I came across Full Potential Chiropractic at the roadshow and I went to the doctor to check whether I have spine problems.

Indeed, I have severe spine problems. But the doctor explained to me how chiropractic can help me, I decided to have a try. And now, I know I made the right decision, for my neck and back pain has improved so much and my posture is improved as well.

My headache and giddiness also seldom appears. My mood is much better, and I can focus better at work, and I enjoy each chiropractic session!

Thank you – to the chiropractic team of doctors and staffs. Chiropractic really helps!”

Li Ming Zhu


*”I have neck ache since 1995 and also suffering a lower backache for long. Lately, of whatever reason, an unbearable pain came to my upper back.

I was recommended and currently seeking chiropractic care. It has been 12 sessions already and there was an improvement.

The pain in my neck and upper back has reduced 50% and I’m feeling good. I have better sleep and concentration. As my job requires me to walk a lot I also benefit from the relief of my lower backache. Most significantly, the frequency of the migraine that I had been suffering for around 2 years almost dialy has reduced tremendously. The paroxysmal headache occurs only a few times since I seek care.

I am looking very much forward to a full recovery and I’m having great confidence with wellness since I’m benefiting from the sessions I have attained in just a short period of time.”

Sam Ho


*“It started with me having difficulties in carrying my newborn for extended periods of time and quickly escalated to extreme tightness in my chest and frequent pounding headaches.

Life was not good. After an unnecessarily prolonged struggle, I decided to take action against this frustrating discomfort. I haven’t regretted since.

Chiropractic care has brought back the simple joys in my life.


Abraham Wong


“I had a lower back problem sustained during my previous work. It would not go away for 2 years.

I decided to seek help with Full Potential Chiropractic to fix this.

It eventually made my life better. I feel good after every adjustment. My headaches are totally gone and my upper body feels very refreshed. My lower body is in process of recovering. So far, So good!

To those with physical health problems, I recommend that you try out with Full Potential Chiropractic. You will feel good!”

Faizal Maszaid


“I have been living with constant neck and back ache for many years. I have previously consulted an orthopedist and went for physiotherapy. Due to my job as a lecturer; standing for prolong periods caused numbness in my right fingers and strained my lower back.

After few months of intensive treatment and prescribed exercise at home, I can feel that the numbness in my right hand is less obvious and my headaches have lessened.

I hope that through these treatments, my lower back problems will be resolved. “

Chua Beng Koon


*“I had been suffering moderate to severe pain over my lower back. This was impacting my daily activities and leaving me very tired easily.

After having a treatment at Full potential chiropractic (NOVENA), within two months, I was merely free from not only back pain also headache and surprisingly Dysmenorrhoea which I had been suffering more than two decades.

Thank you so much to the team for providing personalize care and help. I am motivated and looking forward to experience a quality life.”

Aung Tha Zin


*”With all the stress factors around this society, I used to think that it is only natural that I experience more headaches, tension and only able to do less sports as I age. I was so wrong. It was obesity, it is not those late night activities that has given me those headaches and definitely not turning age 30 that reduced my flexibility so much, it was simply subluxation.

The very basic understand that a good foundation to our health, starts from a healthy spine, it is all we need to get our own ability to heal going in it normal self, as we are meant to do. Seek chiropractic care and everything else will just get better… naturally!”

Jonathan Woon


*“A friend recommends me to try out chiropractic as it has helped him in his condition. After listening to his testimonial, I checked to go for consultation.

The initial adjustment (abt 2 weeks) has definitely helped! I’m less tired, backache problem is reduced and fewer headaches and shoulder aches. I believed that with constant adjustment it will definitely improve my health and quality of life.

I will recommend this to all my friends and loved one so they can achieve better life.”


Evelyn Lam


*”I decided to see a chiropractor in December 2010. I have long been complaining about pain in my back and neck, and have been suffering from chronic headaches too. I was triggered to give attention to my condition as I felt that I was starting to have difficulty in breathing as well along with the pains.

I have heard about the chiropractic practice and did further readings about it before getting myself into it, but I was still skeptical that it would provide me cure. Chiropractic reviews I read were mixed of positive and negative feedback, but I decided to try it myself to prove its effect on me.

After a little over a month of consistent visits to Full Potential Chiropractic, I was surprised to notice the drastic improvements.

The pains that I have long been complaining really lessened, and most importantly I observed my breathing problems have also gone away. It has been a bold decision for me to see a chiropractor and I am happy I made that decision. I stay consistent with my session until now and I know my road to healing is not a long way ahead.

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic – to your wonderful doctors and staff who give warm smiles every time! I am glad I have known professionals like you.”

Joan Co


*”When I first met Full Potential Chiropractic I had a feeling they may solve my headache problem. Therefore, I gave it a try.

After one month’s treatment, my overall condition is much better. Although it varies from day to day but, I can feel better almost immediately after the treatment. Now I am more confident that the problem I am facing can be solve as long as I persist on with the doctor’s recommendation.”

Zhang Li


*”I’ve been a regular headache sufferer with incapacitating migraines for the last 20years or more of my life.

I had tried medication, physiotherapy, and acupuncture and even saw a neurologist who told me it was something I would have to live with! Nothing worked and nobody ever suggested chiropractic care.

A friend introduced me to Full Potential Chiropractic and it has revolutionized my life.

I no longer have headaches everyday or have to stay in bed 2 days with a migraine. I can now do the things I want to do without worrying. I no longer take lots of painkillers. I feel energized and generally healthier.

I would advise anyone with recurring headaches or other aches or pains to check out chiropractic care. It could also revolutionize your daily life and make you feel 100%.”

Clare Parkes


*”I’ve always had bad headaches on a regular basis and discomfort on the neck making me want to rest and spend most of the time sitting and sleeping. I couldn’t do much physical activities as it will result in the aching of the back.

Since chiropractic treatment, I’ve hardly get any headaches.

I get better sleep and wake up feeling fresh and energetic. I get to do more things and spend more time with loved ones without having to make them worry about my health and attitude. It’s a definite life changing process one would expect a good progress not just health wise but relationship and communication too.”

Nur Fyazliyana Sipalah


“My job that requires long hours sitting at a computer, it is very easy to stay in that one position or improper position for eight to nine working hours every day when focus on daily work. It caused my back pain and neck pain the past few years, but I never take it seriously in the beginning.

Few years later, I almost couldn’t focus on my job as all attending in the pain and neck pain. Until one day I came for chiropractic treatments with my doubts, but my problems are really improved a lot in just two months time. I hope and I believe all my problems can be totally solved after the entire treatment program.*” 


Collin Qu


“It started off with lower back ache and stiffness and upper backthat makes me try chiropractic care. I was surprised that after few adjustments, the pain has lesser and I am able to get back golfing.

It has made my life better that I have recommended my friends and brought my daughter to the program.

I strongly recommend chiropractic as it works better than medications. You can’t beat getting better and feeling good without medication. Not to mention the staffs warm welcome for each trip.*”


Joeven Chong


“Before I have pained at lower back while carrying my kids and after my workout and after sports. The pain has been affecting my daily routine and made me less mobile.

After 4 weeks unto the program, the pain is not so severe and I can do more things. I feel more energetic and more mobile and better flexibility. I feel more happy!*”


Patrick Gan


“I hurt my back for about a year now. This whole year was filled with discomfort. On good days, I just feel really tired. But on bad days, it’s numbness on my left leg, stiff body and frequent headaches.

I was desperate for help because doctor’s medication just isn’t helping much and I do not want too much chemicals to be running through my body.

After being introduced to Full Potential Chiropractic by my cousin, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t regret my decision since day 1.

All doctors and staff were really helpful and concerned. It’s been about a month since my first visit here, and my body feels so much better!

Headaches were gone. I am more energetic and my back is not as stiff as before!

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic! Looking forward to more treatments with you!*”

Michelle Aw

*Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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