The pain in my lower back has subsided. I could get out of bed with ease and also able to dance freely and perform dance moves which I’ve never thought I could do. Chiropractic has made me realize how truly important the spine is and the effects that could impact a person’s life. *

Brandon Lim

Life Performance Testimonials


*”During one of a casual conversation with my son’s god mother of a ceremony, I was introduced to the term  “chiropractic” which initially I did not know what does it meant. After a little bit of elaboration by her, I decided to go for the checkup and xray in order to have a better understanding of the care or treatment, together with my other family members who are also having same bodyaches occasionally.

We have identified the specific area of pain during the talk with the doctor. After going through about 2 to 3 weeks of care, which the doctors use the term adjustment, we all have felt that there are some good effects on our own area of concern. There is on common result that we have got is that we are enjoying better sleep after consistantly following the original schedule of adjustment. It may sound like or look like a miracle, just by pressing and twisting along our spinal area for about 1 to 2 minutes during each adjustment, but this is the actual positive result that we have got from the chiropractic care.

I will recommend the chiropractic care to people who want to improve their health and who are willing to commit themselves in achieving it.”

Chia Family


*”The life of a dancer consist of many injuries and this was one of the worst for me. I was in the midst of learning the choreography for a performance in a month time. Everybody who was involved has learned the first part of the dance choreography which made me realize that I would need to give my 101% to learn quickly in order to catch up to them.

Without further ado, I went straight into learning the choreography which consists of high-level poses such as a headstand. Everything went smoothly until I felt an unbearable sharp pain in my lower back of my spine. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. It was to the point where minimal movement like walking actually hurt and boarding the bus felt like a chore. The thought of not being able to dance at my fullest potential scares me even more, I could not get into bed like I normally do and instead I took 5 minutes to get in and out of bed. I knew I had to get my spine checked.

Initially, I planned to consult a physician who deals with sports injury and apparently the clinic did not open upon arrival. I was desperate. My mum and I then decided to head over to west gate for lunch. Upon arrival, I came across a sign that states “Free spine scan” and that was where my journey with full potential chiropractic began.

After three months of intensive chiropractic care, I could feel that the posture of my spine is improving. I was able to understand what my spine was going through with the help of Dr. Hope. The exercises that were taught by Casey and Nithia has helped me to keep the adjusted spine intact and well-supported.

The pain in my lower back has subsided. I could get out of bed with ease and also able to dance freely and perform dance moves which I’ve never thought I could do.

Chiropractic has made me realize how truly important the spine is and the effects that could impact a person’s life. Don’t hesitate to get your spine check. It’s best to get it check when you’re young. Time is money and health.

Chiropractic is for everyone.”

Brandon Lim

*”The excruciating pain make walking very difficult for me. It affected my decision making in profound ways. The physical pain was turning into psychological trauma.It hindered me from participating in normal activities and could not even carry my own niece baby.

So one day I decided enough is enough. I decided to seek an alternative treatment. I lost faith in physiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine particularly acupuncture.

I stumbled upon chiropractic. I never regretted my decision.

My quality of life has dramatically improved by leaps and bounds. I can breathe better nowadays. I run faster. I feel stronger. Most importantly I feel younger. This is the best thing that happened to me.”

Fahmy Bin Abdul Latif


*”I’ve been told that you don’t see the effects of chiropractic care until much later in the program, however for both my daughter and I, many of the symptoms we have been suffering from have considerably lightened up. I always feel more refreshed and awake after an adjustment.

Since treatment, many of my little inexplicable aches and pains went away, and only then did I realize that they were mostly due to my Subluxation.

However, to me, what really makes the biggest difference is the supportive and positive attitude of the staff at Full Potential Chiropractic. They genuinely want you to get better; making the entire treatment process is an enjoyable one”

Eva Chang Mei Hsiang


*”Thanks to Dr. Hope and her team of full potential chiropractic. With their knowledge, skills and experience in their practice I am privileged to have achieve a higher level of health and natural well being.

As a Parkinson’s disease patient of more than 5 years, I am amazed the science of chiropractic is able to improve my symptoms of tremors, slow movement and physical balancing in my daily activities. Indeed I am looking forward to continue this treatment.

I highly recommend everyone to take the first step in letting our body to experience this natural way to restoring our mental and physical condition with the science of chiropractic by Full Potential.”

Alex Chan


*”For the past 8 years, I have been experiencing stiffness around my neck pain on my shoulders. I signed up for physiotherapy sessions, took prescribed painkillers even underwent a laser operation, hoping that the stiffness pain could be reduced. However, all these result were not satisfactory. Since then I had difficulty turning my head to either side.

My son recommended chiropractic treatment to me as he knew of his colleague success from chiropractic treatment. I therefore joined Full Potential Chiropractic.

After number of sessions in 3 months, the pain and stiffness has been reduced. I can now turn my head to either side with reduced pain stiffness.

I followed strictly to the adjustment schedule set up for me.

Although I am from Johor, I travelled twice weekly to Singapore without fail.

It is my hope that my quality of life can be improved further with chiropractic treatment which is a drug free and non-surgical care therapy”

Wong Kon Lan


*”I have neck ache, stiffness and pain on my shoulders since National Service days, the pain can be annoying, unbearable and uncomfortable at times. Mostly I will go for massage to ease the pain but the pain will still come back after sometime.

Chiropractic had been a foreign term to me until Dr. Zachary from Full Potential Chiropractic came to our company and shared with us the benefits of chiropractic care. After my first consultation, I was told that I had a misalignment in my spine and have taken courage to give it a try.

It has only been a short while and there was an improvement. The pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back has reduced tremendously. I also realised I have received more fresh air when I go for long distance running and I feel good after my run. With chiropractic experience, I have come to understand the importance of adopting good posture.

To all who is considering going for natural chiropractic care, my advice for you is to go for it! Thanks to all doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Abraham Wong


*”I came across Full Potential at the Jurong Point promotional booth, and it was during that time that I first became aware of chiropractic care.

I was then suffering from a pain at the left side of my neck, which I now know, was due to a pinch of the nerve at that areaFor almost a year, I was unable to turn my head fully to the left, without feeling pain or some resistance.

After accepting chiropractic treatment, the pain was subdued. I was able to move my head freely. Through regular exercises at home and weekly sessions at the clinic, I felt my muscles becoming more relaxed and my body becoming less stiff.

I also learnt the importance of maintaining a good posture and consciously made an effort to correct my postures in my day to day activities.

The overall impact of chiropractic is the feeling of liberation as I am no longer troubled by the nagging pain and can stay more focused on my work. I can now concentrate on my work and daily routine better.

For my loved ones who are facing the same problem as me, I would encourage them to go for chiropractic care and improve their well-being while it is not too late.”

Lily Chua


*”I started this treatment because I had severe nerve pains and spine problems.

However after only about 3 weeks of regular adjusmtnets, I have noticed a difference or rather an improvement in the nerve pains I used to have. I feel less stiff now and more confident about exercising and going on more hikes and walks.

I am sure with the weeks ahead, things will be better.”

Aloysius Paul


*”I have lumbar kyphosis, I working as a paramedic previous because of this condition, I feel the pain, tired after long prior of working and I have visit a few spinal surgery before and the Dx that give is muscle fatigue and minor lumbar Kyphosis that can’t do much any least in serious case them do the spinal operation for me.

I heard chiropractic few years ago but a thought of that can’t provide the good treatment plan me until few months ago saw Full Potential Chiropractic road show that really provide care and good treatment for the patients need.

Today I do not have a muscle fatigue, pain in lumbar regional and I am able work with focus better and my earring also became better now. All thanks to full potential chiropractic because that provide a good treatment plan like OSA, Home care protocol and also experience doctor. “

Teoh Hai Leng


*”I’m an active sportsman but have been constantly haunted by my back injury that I suffered during my service in national service. I was shopping around the mall and saw the road show for chiropractic care.

They were providing free examination to check on the status of my spine, and I was thinking why not! After some analysis and explanation from the doctor, I was convinced to give chiropractic a try and I am glad I did.

After few months of sessions, my posture has improved and it was noticeable by my family members. More importantly, the pain in my back had subsided and I was able to get back on track doing the sports I like.

Instead of relying long term on medication, going to the root of the problem and healing it naturally should be the way.Hence, I strongly recommend my family and friends to have a check up and if necessary, have their power turned on!

Choo Shun Qiang


*”I first sought chiropractic care after my orthopaedist told me that I was suffering from subluxations as I am constant experiencing pains at my shoulders. The orthopaedist also told me that there is no way that it can be helped.

After going for intensive chiropractic adjustments, I felt a drastic change in my everyday life. Many improvements have been made to my life after seeking chiropractic care, I am able to do a lot more things like simple movements in softball and back bends in ballet. Not only that, I can feel that the amount of back pains that I have experienced decreased by a lot!

If I have any family members experiencing constant back aches, I would encourage them to get their spine checked as I am able to feel the difference after chiropractic adjustments. The best part is that chiropractic adjustments do not hurt, not even a bit. I’m sure if the diagnosis is correct and they do the adjustments, it would be taking a huge step towards better health.”

Alethea Lee


*”After a course of radiotherapy treatment on nose cancer. I found myself suffering from speech impairment from the side effect.

Chiropractic helped me to loosen up the tightness that gripped my neck and tongue. Now I found myself some improvement in my speech just after 2 months of treatments. Thanks Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Violet Tong


*”I was suffering from lower back pains and shoulder aches due to scoliosis since I was young. Had a chance to know about Chiropractic care and my life has been greatly improved ever since.

Chiropractic not only help with the adjustments of my spine, which has reduced my back pains and aches, it has also helped me achieve better health through reduce in fatigue and tiredness, thus helping me to focus at work.”

Yap Wan Yi


*”Since I joined the Full Potential Chiropractic, my overall health has improved and I am more alert. My lower back pain is almost gone and I am able to perform exercises better than before.

I also used to have very bad gastric and stomach problems in the morning and that is also gone. Thank you”

Haresh A.


*”After not seeing a chiropractor for a year, I felt myself go through some changes. I wasn’t sleeping right, I was taking pain medication for some soreness in my left leg, but most of all, my attitude and wellbeing was not good. I was slouching and my posture was poor.

In the past few weeks of seeing the chiropractor and getting my adjustments, I’m sleeping better, able to exercise and taking no pain medication. My attitude wellbeing has greatly improved. I’m standing up straighter to the world.

My advice is plain and simple, see a chiropractor, get your spine aligned and enjoy a better well being”

Riane Stubbs


*”I am very thankful and grateful to God to have found the answer to my prayers in Chiropractic care. It’s the best birthday gift I have given myself. I have been experiencing a recurring lower and middle back pain, which have been troubling me for so many years. I thought it was just a normal back pain because I’m usually doing outdoor/indoor sports. Due to my bad posture, I have always had discomfort every time I go for my exercising routine.

I am determined to find the right care to get back to my normal life with optimal health. After careful consideration, I decided to seek chiropractic care until I have learned about Full Potential Chiropractic during their roadshow at Serangoon NEX. I had decided to go through the check-up procedures and starting adjustments after the chiropractic doctor explained the serious damage they found in my x-rays.

After 5 weeks for adjustments, I have been noticing that my condition is improving day by day. My lower and middle back pain have been getting better gradually every week from the chiropractic adjustments and home care exercises given by the doctors.

I would be expecting more positive results. Through the help, willingness and comprehensive care from the dedicated chiropractic doctors, I am confident to experience full wellness in my health.

“HEALTH IS WEALTH.” Thank you so much to all the staff and doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Eduardo Seastres


*”After seeing how the first few adjustments impacted my husband, Edwyn, he convinced me that I should also make the decision to enhance my well being and make healing our priority – together!

I could see, from my first adjustment, the changes in my sleeping pattern. I could fall into a deeper sleep, which also meant better rest for me. There seems to be less tiredness in the day, which is good because I can achieve so much more. As I was also diagnosed with osteo-arthritis on my knees at 19, the feeling of tightness on my knees was only too familiar. Surprisingly, there is no feeling of that now and am looking forward to the day when the pain will be behind me.

My husband and I had also taken another step to enroll our children, Brandon – 11 and Megan – 9 to heal together as a family. We want the best for our children and if it can impact us adults, imagine how much more when we start early for our children.”

Adeline Oon and Family


*“Chiropractic had been a foreign term to me until I met doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic, who had shared with me benefits of chiropractic therapy.

But do I really need it? – A question that I had asked myself.

After my first consultation, I was diagnosed with subluxation and have taken courage to give it a shot. After going through a series of spinal adjustments, I could observe positive changes in my body. I had better posture and higher energy levels. That has allowed me to concentrate on my work, least I would want fatigue to set in. I no longer fall sick easily as well.

I am fully convinced of this natural remedy and would strongly encourage those who want to live life to the fullest to come forward for their first consultation and adjustment.

Unleash the full potential chiropractic!!!”

Leslie Han


*“I was suffering from headache and backache for more than 2 years. At first I had the pain occasionally but slowly it was everyday for past 1 year. I could not prepare a meal without resting in between, and even sweeping the floor causes pain. The headache woke me up several times at night. I tried various methods to relieve the pain but it does not help much.

After attending a few adjustments, the pain has been reduced by about 70% and is still improving. It is amazing! I should have sought chiropractic care earlier. I am much happier now and can sleep better at night. I will continue with the adjustment for as long as I need it and will certainly tell my friends and relatives about this amazing care.

Thank you to all staff and doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Katherine Kwok


*“One day in Aug 2011, I happened to be at HarbourFront and I chanced upon a promotion counter displaying a sample set of a spinal cord.

So I approached the counter wanting to know more as I was experiencing this severe low-back pain. It was Dr. Brian who was at the counter at that time and he explained to me about what subluxation was.

After a few initial weekly adjustments on my spine at the clinic and the daily exercises as instructed to me, I must admit that there are some goodness about this care. I can now breathe and sleep better. The best part of it is I have this happy feeling inside me and get less easily agitated.”

Koh Eng Choon


*”Initially I sought chiropractic care because of my shoulder muscle stiffness and chronic lower back pain. After having been adjusted at Full Potential Chiropractic for 1 month, I feel that the muscle stiffness around my shoulders has greatly reduced.

I am also able to adopt good posture in daily lives, enabling me to concentrate better especially during lessons in school. I believe that chiropractic care will help me better manage my lower back pain. Thank you.”

Ms Koh


*”It started off with lower back ache and stiffness and upper back that makes me try chiropractic care. I was surprised that after few adjustments, the pain has lesser and I am able to get back golfing.

It has made my life better that I have recommended my friends and brought my daughter to the program.

I strongly recommend chiropractic as it works better than medications. You can’t beat getting better and feeling good without medication. Not to mention the staffs warm welcome for each trip.”

Joeven Chong


*”It started with me having difficulties in carrying my newborn for extended periods of time and quickly escalated to extreme tightness in my chest and frequent pounding headaches.

Life was not good. After an unnecessarily prolonged struggle, I decided to take action against this frustrating discomfort. I haven’t regretted since.

Chiropractic care has brought back the simple joys in my life”.

Derrick Yong


*”I initially decided to seek chiropractic help because I have been experiencing recurring pain in my left shoulder for some time. The pain can get annoying at times, especially after sitting down for long hours or carry heavy items. Most of the time, all I can do to ease the pain would be to give it a light massage.

The whole chiropractic experience was really new to me and the sound of cracking bones was pretty scary at first. But I was quickly got used to it and after a month of adjustment sessions, I felt the lessening of pain in my left shoulder, which is a great relief to me. Furthermore, I felt that I am getting more quality sleep and hence wake up each morning more refreshed.

Also, from this experience, I have come to understand the importance of adopting a good posture and have been trying to consciously sit and stand properly.”

Joanne Lim


*”I was curious what the chiropractic care was about as my sister and daughter have both signed for the program.

I took the plunge and went for the initial check-up. The initial assessment and the subsequent recommendation seemed convincing that it could correct the subluxation that was shown to me in the X-ray.

So after a couple of months I was glad to say the results were encouraging. My usual sensitive nose (which I was on a nasal spray) has more or less disappeared.

Also my spouse commented that my posture is more upright nowadays.More importantly, whenever I am not sitting or standing upright, I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Teng Chee Ming


*”My name is Rajini Kanth and unfortunately I am turning 40years old this year. I have a very active and sporty lifestyle and I love to play lots of outdoor sports like soccer, rugby and beach volley ball. I have a passion for scuba diving too and I frequently go for short diving trips all around the world.

For the past few months I have been unable to be proactive with my love for sports and had numbness, stiffness and pain all over my body especially my legs, shoulders and backbone area. At first I thought it was normal and thought it was due to fatigue but the pain and stiffness got worse and started to affect my body’s condition while I am playing my favourite sports.

I was very concerned and decided to approach Full Potential Chiropractic situated at Novena Specialist Center for help and has never regretted since then.

The doctors especially Dr. Devika Singh and staffs were very friendly and made my visit there very pleasant and at ease. On my 1st visit I went through a few tests, photo taking of my posture, and x-rays. After a week I was consulted by Dr. Devika who analysed my test and x-rays results and advised me professionally on my problems.

I was suffering from phase 2 subluxation. Dr. Devika and her fellow doctors there gave me tips and understanding of my subluxation. They also gave me great useful advice on my condition and since then I have been going for OSA treatment with them.

To my surprise, the pain and stiffness in my body have improved and I’m more flexible when I am playing my favourite sportsThe pain and stiffness on my shoulders have disappeared and the numbness and pain on my legs has completely gone too. I am very happy about my improvements thanks to the great help and advice from the doctors at Full Potential Chiropractic at Novena Specialist Centre and will introduce and recommend them to my family and friends suffering from the similar problems I suffered for the past few months. I will like to thank the doctors and the friendly staffs for all their help and will continue to go for my scheduled adjustments.

Thank you.”

Ranjini Kanth

** Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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