Neck pain & shoulder pain have improved a lot and due to that I am able to perform better at work too. Over the years of Chiropractic my energy level have drastically changed as well. Thank Full Potential Chiropractic for making my life amazing.

Florence Tan 

Neck Pain Testimonials


“I was suffering from shoulder pain since college. When it strikes, I couldn’t even raise my arms and this has affected my daily routine…

The symptoms worsen as I started working, sometimes I couldn’t even move my neck. I was always having neck and shoulder pain, eventually my head as well. I started losing my appetite, patience and sleep.

With the guidance given by the lovely staffs and also great adjustments from the chiropractor, I’m having GREAT improvements. I have lesser neck, shoulder and head pain. Also, better posture. I am able to enjoy my day out during the weekend. I’m really glad that I’m under care. Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic!”*


Caryn Ng


“My sister introduced full potential chiropractic to me as I always have headache and shoulder pain.

After about a month of treatment, I have experienced improvements. My shoulder less stiff and my recent lower back discomfort have improved.I wake up with no pain at my lower back. I feel better and my quality of life has improved.

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic doctor and staffs.”*


Angeline Chang


*”I was experiencing lower backshoulders and neck aches for the past two decades, the pain got worse recently, especially my shoulders and neck.

The aches and pains had causes me to loss focus on my work and daily life. I get agitated easily and sometimes I get very impatient. I do not have energy to do my usual exercises.

Since consulting Full Potential’s professional Chiropractic doctors and having gone through about few sessions of adjustments, I have definitely got my “power turned on” again – mentally, physically as well as health wise.

Even on my first session of chiropractic adjustment, I was so amazed that my breathing was so much more at ease and my lung capacity expended almost immediately.

For the past month or so, it is obviously noticeable that my posture had improved, my back, shoulders and neck pain had eased my health has never been better. Even my frozen shoulder has improved.

I was skeptical initially, but now, I am so glad I came for a check-up at Full Potential. It had definitely changed my opinion of Chiropractic healing.

Everybody should agree – Health is the real wealth!”

Rose Lee


*“Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from sore neck, stiffness on my shoulders and lower back aches. I was under a lot of stress and sometimes had trouble sleeping. This affected me in my work as well as my family life. I always thought the problem was muscular but through chiropractic, I found that it was skeletal.

Thanks to chiropractic, I feel much better! The pain had reduced tremendously only after only a short time. I’m sure I will be able to live my life to the fullest through my chiropractic care.”

Angelreena Lim


*I was having pain on my left shoulder and left side of the neck for many years. I have tried various methods to alleviate this pain, from medication to massage to TCM. However, it only relieves the pain temporarily. Following that, my lower back started to feel sore over the last 2 years. That was when I have decided to give chiropractic a try.

Just within a couple of adjustment, my neck and shoulder pain are gone.

The soreness on my lower back has also lessen and less frequent.

I would recommend those who are having suffering various kind of muscular pain to try chiropractic care. It really works.”

Kelvin Sim


*”It has been one and a half year ever since I started my first chiropractic adjustment. I decided to follow through the recommendations that the doctors gave me.

Just the first month, I felt my neck and shoulder are less painful and less tight, made me to have better quality sleep and more energy to last me throughout the day. By the forth month, my neck pains are almost gone and there were constantly good improvements ever since then.

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic team and the doctors for improving my health quality of life. “


Alice Yam


*”Before the treatment, I always have backaches whenever I sit or stand upright. Because of this, my posture is always in a hunchback position. Besides that, I also have frequent migraine. Whenever I lean against the wall in a sitting position, I will incur neck ache and it leads to migraine.”

However, after going through the midst of intensive treatments,

I realized that I no longer have my backaches. Now I am able to stand upright for the whole day while doing my shopping. Even the migraine has become lessen. It is a great pleasure to see such huge improvement within a short period of time.”



*I was in some serious pain when I firstly join Full Potential Chiropractic; especially I have been having a constant back pain and neck pain.

With the detailed information given by the practice, it helps me to understand more in how to improve my overall perception how chiropractic care can help me in a long run for better health.

Ever since my 1st adjustment, I have noticed some positive changes.

It not just ease my back and neck pain, but also the chiropractic care has given me other benefits, somehow it helps me to improve my sleeping quality and more energy on daily basis.

I know for sure that I am in the right care, thanks to Full Potential Chiropractic for all the best care and encouragement you gave me.”

Christina Boentaran


*”After 1 month of my adjustments, I felt great improvement over my shoulder. I’m feeling more relax and less tension nowadays.

My wife, my aunt and my manager are recommended to Full Potential Chiropractic too. They feel great about their OSA too. I strongly encourage people to take a step forward to in-charge of own health. Don’t delay if you already have symptoms that are bothering you long time ago.

Come and feel the great potential of chiropractic care.”

Chan Wooi Sin


*”The chiropractors came to my company to give a talk on subluxation and chiropractic care early last year (2010). After listening to them, I decided to take up the offer of a free assessment on my spine.

Two problems were identified: forward head posture and tilted pelvic bones. The X-ray images of my spine also showed that I had stage 1 subluxation. It was recommended that I begin chiropractic care immediately to prevent the subluxation from worsening.

Today, after undergoing adjustment sessions with Full Potential Chiropractic for about 1.5 years, and progressing from “treatment” to “maintenance care”, I see some improvements in my body.

My forward head posture had been corrected significantly and my neck and shoulders are less stiff. I recover from fatigue more quickly that before. My immune system seems to have improved too, though I still fall sick once in a while.”

Teo Yew Mui


*“I was a university student and I’m currently working as an auditor. I have been suffering from lower back pain for quite sometime. I felt stiffness and tightness on my back spine whenever I would walk or sit for long hours.

I was feeling frustrated with these pains and I would like to stop it. It is fate I would say that I bumped into Full Potential Chiropractic when they held a booth at on of the shopping malls.

I did a test from them and they recommended me to go for an x-ray to check thoroughly. During the report findings, I was advised by Dr. Steve that I am on the first phase of spinal decay and it is necessary to do spinal adjustment before it come worsen.

I hesitated a while because I just start working and it was difficult for me to fork out a lump sum of money for the care. However, Dr. Steve recommended the best program to suit my preference. In the end, I joined the Full Potential family!

After the first adjustment I felt the immediate effect. I felt relief and not much of pain on my lower spine. The experience was great which led me to look forward on the following adjustments. Despite my tights schedule, I will try my best to follow the adjustment schedule as I understand that it is important to commit if I want to heal.

Healing process here I COME! Thanks to Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Audrey Ooi


*”Initially, I was experiencing upper back pain and the pain at the neck area. It has been disturbing me for quite awhile so after I met Full Potential Chiropractic at Ion’s road show I realized that my left side of the body was at a higher pressure as compared to the right and indeed the pain was always coming from the left side. I immediately scheduled a checkup with them and realized that I have Subluxation.

I decided to go on with the first adjustment and further treatments. Within a month, I find that the pain I was experiencing last time is not there anymore and I am more active and flexible than before.

To people who are experiencing back and neck pain but not sure of what to do you can come and visit them to see if Chiropractic is the solution!”

Malvin Tan


*”I have neck ache, stiffness and pain on my shoulders since National Service days, the pain can be annoying, unbearable and uncomfortable at times. Mostly I will go for massage to ease the pain but the pain will still come back after sometime.

Chiropractic had been a foreign term to me until Dr. Zachary from Full Potential Chiropractic came to our company and shared with us the benefits of chiropractic care. After my first consultation, I was told that I had a misalignment in my spine and have taken courage to give it a try.

It has only been a short while and there was an improvement. The pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back has reduced tremendously. I also realized I have received more fresh air when I go for long distance running and I feel good after my run. With chiropractic experience, I have come to understand the importance of adopting good posture.

To all who is considering going for natural chiropractic care, my advice for you is to go for it! Thank you to all doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Abraham Wong


*”I started having lower back problems after 40 years old. My first bout of mild slipped disc happened 7 years ago and then again 3 years later. Fortunately on both occasions I was bedridden for only a couple of days and did not require extensive medical treatment. MRI revealed compression of my L4 and L5 lumbar.

At the same time, I had intermittent bouts of pain and muscle strains running down the sides of both my legs. First the left leg then the right leg, alternating between both legs, each time lasting 2 – 3 weeks. It affected my gait, limited my range and speed of motion, and caused emotional stress. “

I also had pains on my neck and shoulders. I used to slouch on the sofa watching TV. My sleeping posture was poor. This gave rise to a series of stiff neck, sore shoulders and eventually I tore the tendons in both my shoulders.The pain was excruciating. Physiotherapy did little to alleviate the suffering. I lost a big range of motion in both arms from my shoulder down. Certain daily tasks like wearing a shirt was a torment. I could not lift a small bag without feeling pain in my shoulder. The stiffness in my neck and the soreness in my shoulders was a regular part of my life.

My wife found Full Potential during their roadshow at NEX shopping centre. She advised me to go for it. After a few sessions, coupled with professional advice on healthy living, I noticed improvement to my neck and shoulder area. My neck was less strained. The soreness was less obvious. “

My lower back is more relaxed. I was more confident to turn and twist more freely. This gave me a peace of mind. I have a peace of mind knowing that I am under the care of professional chiropractors who has a comprehensive programme to ensure that my general well-being is monitored and treatment given. I am happy with the progress so far and look forward to more improvement in the next few months. “

Arthur Chan


*”Initially I had backaches, sore neck and numbness in my arms. After I saw a booth of Full Potential Chiropractic and know more about it and the health benefits of an aligned spine. I decided to try the chiropractic care.

Now, I felt better, my sore neck, and numbness is gone and my backache is reduced. I have better balance and feel livelier. I hope that everyone can give chiropractic a try because this is a good way to solve many health issues.”

Ashley Toh


*“I suffer from neck and shoulder aches for many years – which I come to accept as part of working long and at times, stressful hours. To get some relief & relaxation as well, I would go for a good body massage. However when I stopped working 3 months ago, I was annoyed to find that my right upper arm started to feel sore and pain after only 10 minutes on the computer. I also have tingling and numbness on the fingers of my right hand, with the discomfort spreading to the wrist. All these affected my sleep, often waking up in the middle of the night with a scary sensation of a “dead” right arm.

A good friend recommended her physiotherapist – and I underwent a few sessions of manual massage, therapeutic ultrasound, and traction but saw no improvement. I was about to make an appointment to seek orthopaedic opinion when I came across the roadshow put up by Full Potential Chiropractic at Vivocity and decided to take up their offer to get a spinal check-up.

I was recommended and currently still undergoing chiropractic adjustments. I noticed no more numbness and tingling in my right hand. I can work longer on the computer now without feeling pain. I also sleep better which put me in better mood, definitely more energized and actually feeling good.”

Mei Ong


*”Before I came for chiropractic checkup I always had severe neck pain and sometimes I would feel dizzy as well. There was also numbness on my shoulders and leg.

After I came for chiropractic adjustment, I felt so much better and feel less pain now. And it’s only been a few weeks, looking forward to be healthier and free from pain.”

Eileen Tan


*”A friend recommends me to try out chiropractic as it has helped him in his condition. After listening to his testimonial, I checked to go for consultation.

The initial adjustment (abt 2 weeks) has definitely helped! I’m less tired, backache problem is reduced and fewer headaches and shoulder aches. I believed that with constant adjustment, it will definitely improve my health and quality of life.

I will recommend this to all my friends and loved one so they can achieve better life.”

Evelyn Lam


*””The reason for seeking chiropractic care was due to suffering from prolongs nagging pain on my neck, shoulders and my legs. In fact I was suffering from the pain about 2 years. Due to the neck and shoulder pain I was having sleepless nights. And due to leg pains I was unable to enjoy my favorite sports (Running and Soccer).

After attending the program, I was able to feel the good effects of the treatment. I’m having better sleep. The stiffness on my neck and shoulder are better. Having lesser pains on my legs makes me to start back my running and soccer games.


Chandraskar Veerappan


*”Before I began with the Chiropractic treatments, I had throbbing back pains all the way from my neck, shoulders to my back area. I would not be able to concentrate on my work when the pain gets unbearable.

It has improved a lot after several adjustments. I no longer feel irritated due to my pain.”


Amnita Kaur


*”Before receiving the treatment, I have faced many pain in the neck and back area. But after receiving the chiropractic treatment, the pain has lessened and I feel much more comfortable in the hurting areas.

I look forward to more healing of my back and neck pain in the future after more chiropractic treatments.”


Tan Yee Lei


*”I used to have back aches and shoulder stiffness. It worsens with long hours and sitting or walking. Through friend’s recommendation, I tried chiropractic treatment recovery on its way.

With initial few sessions, I can feel drastic changing like having quality sleep, better posture with walking and back ache condition has improved. No regret in taking up the treatment. Strongly recommend for those who has persistent pain or poor body posture.”


Chris Lim


*”I am suffering from neck and shoulder blade aching about 3 months back. The pain also gradually cause pain and numb on my right arm. This pain was so bad that I can’t focus at work nor can I put myself to sleep easily.

I went online to search for more information of cure to relief pain and Chiropractic is the answer to my need!

After the first few adjustment, my pain was significant reduce and my movement no longer restricted due to pain. I am still continuing to have adjustment to have full recovery and to get my spine align back in order. Great thanks to doctors and staff in Full Potential!”

Liao Zihao


*”I have been suffering from persistent neck pain and shoulder ache for more than a decade. Waking up in pain during the middle of the night has become a norm for my life.

With my husband’s encouragement, I decided to seek for chiropractic care.

After one week of spinal adjustment sessions, I have noticed significant improvement in my sleep pattern as well as the pain has been greatly reduced. A big Thank You to Full Potential Chiropractic for changing my life and I look forward to a better quality of life.”


Jean Lee


*”I have neck ache, stiffness and pain on my shoulders since I started working. I was shopping at square 2 one day and walked pass the road show by chance. I was approached by staff and was encouraged to go for a full check up. I went ahead and gave it a try.

I felt instant relief after my first chiropractic adjustment and it kept improving each time I go. Now I am glad to say that I can sleep ease every night having better quality sleep. My shoulders are not so stiff as before too.”

Tan Jie Ying


*”I’ve always had bad headaches on a regular basis and discomfort on the neck making me want to rest and spend most of the time sitting and sleeping. I couldn’t do much physical activities as it will result in the aching of the back.

Since chiropractic treatment, I’ve hardly get any headaches. I get better sleep and wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

I get to do more things and spend more time with loved ones without having to make them worry about my health and attitude. It’s a definite life changing process one would expect a good progress not just health wise but relationship and communication too “

Nur Fyazliyana Sipalah


“*I was shopping at Square 2 one day and walk pass your roadshow by chance. As I’ve went through many medical appointments on my neck pain and backache and it didn’t help at all, I decided to try and go ahead with the scan, and was then encouraged to come in for a full checkup.

I went home and discuss with my hubby on this natural approach and he encouraged me to give it a try. I went ahead with starting for the first 3 months, amazingly after I receive my first chiropractic adjustment, I felt instant relief.

And it just kept improving from that. There is improvement on my hand and leg numbness, neck and now I’m glad to say I can sleep at ease every night, having better quality sleep.

I have so much confidence in chiropractic care no and the doctors and staff are very caring and friendly. I will encourage all to come and get their spine checked. This is an investment towards your health. And what’s more, it’s all natural, no drugs!”

Jenny Tan


“*After too many long hours on my computer, I suffer severe neck and lower back pain for many years now. In the past year, the pain on the neck even aggravated to the level which affects my sleep quality and causes regular headaches. I also get tired easily.

I know I should seek help but have no idea where to go until I saw Full Potential Chiropractic at a road show at Novena Square 2. “No harm trying”, I thought to myself. To my pleasant surprise, the pain level on my neck significantly reduced.

I have never felt such relieve for a long time. Counting down to the day of my full recovery and full potential! Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic!”


Francis Seow


“*For years, I’ve had a very tense neck, discomfort in the upper back, lower back and down to the upper leg due to scoliosis.

After getting adjusted, I have experienced many improvements especially in the lower, upper back and leg as well. I always feel great after an adjustment as it relieves my discomfort.

I am still undergoing regular adjustments to improve and maintain the “improved” state of my spine and neck.”


David Tan

** Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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