I like the professionalism of the team making efforts to explain to me my x-rays results, range and motion result and the constant updates and reviews of my progress. After almost 2 months of “power up” the numbness to my left arm was gone and I can sit on a chair without any pain to my back for longer time. If you are suffering from numbness to parts of your body, step up and let chiropractic help you

Jimmy Lim 

Numbness and Tingling Testimonials


“*I was shopping at Square 2 one day and walk pass your roadshow by chance. As I’ve went through many medical appointments on my neck pain and backache and it didn’t help at all, I decided to try and go ahead with the scan, and was then encouraged to come in for a full checkup.

I went home and discuss with my hubby on this natural approach and he encouraged me to give it a try. I went ahead with starting for the first 3 months, amazingly after I receive my first chiropractic adjustment, I felt instant relief.

And it just kept improving from that. There is improvement on my hand and leg numbness, neck and now I’m glad to say I can sleep at ease every night, having better quality sleep.

I have so much confidence in chiropractic care no and the doctors and staff are very caring and friendly. I will encourage all to come and get their spine checked. This is an investment towards your health. And what’s more, it’s all natural, no drugs!”

Jenny Tan


*”I am turning 40years old this year. I have a very active and sporty lifestyle and I love to play lots of outdoor sports like soccer, rugby and beach volley ball. I have a passion for scuba diving too and I frequently go for short diving trips all around the world.

For the past few months I have been unable to be proactive with my love for sports and had numbness, stiffness and pain all over my body especially my legs, shoulders and backbone area. At first I thought it was normal and thought it was due to fatigue but the pain and stiffness got worse and started to affect my body’s condition while I am playing my favourite sports.

Dr. Devika and her fellow doctors there gave me tips and understanding of my subluxation. They also gave me great useful advice on my condition and since then I have been going for OSA treatment with them.

To my surprise, the pain and stiffness in my body have improved and I’m more flexible when I am playing my favourite sportsThe pain and stiffness on my shoulders have disappeared and the numbness and pain on my legs has completely gone too. I am very happy about my improvements thanks to the great help and advice from the doctors at Full Potential Chiropractic at Novena Specialist Centre and will introduce and recommend them to my family and friends suffering from the similar problems I suffered for the past few months. I will like to thank the doctors and the friendly staffs for all their help and will continue to go for my scheduled adjustments.

Thank you.”

Ranjini Kanth


*”I suffer from neck and shoulder aches for many years – which I come to accept as part of working long and at times, stressful hours. To get some relief & relaxation as well, I would go for a good body massage.

However when I stopped working 3 months ago, I was annoyed to find that my right upper arm started to feel sore and pain after only 10 minutes on the computer. I also have tingling and numbness on the fingers of my right hand, with the discomfort spreading to the wrist. All these affected my sleep, often waking up in the middle of the night with a scary sensation of a “dead” right arm.

A good friend recommended her physiotherapist – and I underwent a few sessions of manual massage, therapeutic ultrasound, and traction but saw no improvement. I was about to make an appointment to seek orthopaedic opinion when I came across the roadshow put up by Full Potential Chiropractic at Vivocity and decided to take up their offer to get a spinal check-up.

I was recommended and currently still undergoing chiropractic adjustments. I noticed no more numbness and tingling in my right hand. I can work longer on the computer now without feeling pain. I also sleep better which put me in better mood, definitely more energized and actually feeling good.”

Mei Ong


*”Initially I was experiencing shoulder stiffness and numbness in both my arms. This problem has caused great disturbance to my daily life so I turned to chiropractic care.

The adjustments has helped me tremendously. Now I have less numbness in my arms, I can sleep better. My overall well-being has improved. I believe I am in good hands; I have great confidence that my problem can be solve after the treatment has completed.

I love to thank the fantastic people at Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Gina Lau


*”I have been living with constant neck and back ache for many years, I have previously consulted an orthopaedist and went for physiotherapy.

Due to my job as a lecturer, standing for prolong periods caused numbness in my right fingers and strained my lower back.

After one month of intensive treatment and prescribed exercise at home, I can feel the numbness in my right hand is less obvious and my headaches have lessened. I hope that through the treatments, my lower back problems will be resolved.”

Chua Beng Koon


*”Initially I had backaches, sore neck and numbness in my arms. After I saw a booth of Full Potential Chiropractic and know more about it and the health benefits of an aligned spine.

I decided to try the chiropractic care. Now, I felt better, my sore neck, and numbness is gone and my backache is reduced. I have better balance and feel livelier.

I hope that everyone can give chiropractic a try because this is a good way to solve many health issues.”

Ashley Toh


*”I am 64 at age, I feel that my body is getting weaker especially the back and the knee as it is aching most of the time. In addition, there was left arm numbness around the shoulder plate. It was aching so severely that I need to move my arm every few minute especially when I sit down.

Ever since I came to Full Potential, I found myself being lifted up. My body pain has improved. I feel younger and I am able to carry out many activities in a day. No more knee pain after 10 years. While medical doctor told me I am aging and will be pain till I die.

I really appreciate the concept that there is no such thing as “AGING” as even we grow old but just to align our spinal to the original position.

Thank you Full Potential.”

Lai Wu Keong


*”I started seeking chiropractic care because I was having issues like severe neck pain, numbness in the hand, frequent backaches and poor immune system.

After seeking chiropractic care, my neck pain and backache has improved so much! There is no more numbness in my hand and I am able to sleep well of most of the nights.

With more and consistent chiropractic session, I believe my situation will get better and better! I will definitely recommend it to my family members.”

Joey Koh


*”I was suffering from a constant numbness to my left arm, my posture was bad and I couldn’t sit on chair for a couple of hours even driving over for long distance.

After watching clips on YouTube about how chiropractic helped others, I decided to give it a try.

I checked upon full potential chiropractic during a road show at vivovity and an appointment was made on the spot.

I was given a brief introduction of how Subluxation affects my nervous systems during my appointment. I like the professionalism of the team making efforts to explain to me my x-rays results, range and motion result and the constant updates and reviews of my progress.

After almost 2 months of “power up” the numbness to my left arm was gone and I can sit on a chair without any pain to my back for longer time.

If you are suffering from numbness to parts of your body, step up and let chiropractic help you.”

Jimmy Lim


“I hurt my back for about a year now. This whole year was filled with discomfort. On good days, I just feel really tired. But on bad days, it’s numbness on my left leg, stiff body and frequent headaches.

I was desperate for help because doctor’s medication just isn’t helping much and I do not want too much chemicals to be running through my body.

After being introduced to Full Potential Chiropractic by my cousin, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t regret my decision since day 1. All doctors and staff were really helpful and concerned. It’s been about a month since my first visit here, and my body feels so much better! Headaches were gone. I am more energetic and my back is not as stiff as before!

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic! Looking forward to more treatments with you!*”

Michelle Aw

Aloysius Paul


*”I’ve been having shoulder pain for years already. Until recently, I hadconstant headache and hand numbness which made me really uncomfortable. Every morning I woke up with severe neck cramps which affected my mood really badly. One day, I decided t go for chiropractic, something that I’ve heard about long time ago and finally decided to go for it.

I am so happy that my current symptoms (hand numbness, finger tingling, and headache) have reduced. At first I was quite reluctant to do it because of the amount I have to pay. This treatment has met my expectation as of now. If I had known, I would go for this treatment earlier so as not to suffer for years! I will get instant relieved after each adjustment and this has improved in my quality of life!

Thank you doctor hope and the bubbly receptionists for the great service and always giving me the motivation! I would encourage everyone who is suffering from chronic shoulder and back pain to get it checked!

Looking forward to full recovery.”

Nadhirah Abu Bakar


*”I spent too much time working under stress, until I realized it was going to affect my health. I reached out to Full Potential Chiropractic to see if it is something that will help with the numbness in my left arm and overall sense of stress in general. I was diagnosed by the doctors to have a pinched nerve that is caused by Subluxation.

Just 2 months of adjustments I already experienced major improvement in my overall wellbeing and I no longer have the numbness in my arm. After attending the sessions I have come to appreciate the effectiveness of chiropractic care. But more importantly I have realized the need to invest in my health and wellbeing.

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic. I am sure to recommend to my family and friends so that they can feel the difference like I did.”

Karthik Karkal


*”For years, my back has been giving me problems whenever I sit, move and even stand. I’ve always been suspecting that something is wrong with my spine and I was proven right when I chanced upon Full Potential Chiropractic which gave me a more detailed examination of my situation.

After the first few adjustments, I was sure chiropractic was the right choice for me as the numbness and aching on my back has reduced tremendously. My posture has also improved, making me more energetic in my daily routine.

I truly believe that natural chiropractic care can improve a person’s lifestyle to a great extent and the earlier we start, the better it will be.”

Kenneth Ngui

** Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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