I like the professionalism of the team making efforts to explain to me my x-rays results, range and motion result and the constant updates and reviews of my progress. After almost 2 months of “power up” the numbness to my left arm was gone and I can sit on a chair without any pain to my back for longer time. If you are suffering from numbness to parts of your body, step up and let chiropractic help you

Jimmy Lim 

Video Testimonials

“Chiropractic adjustment did not just solve my body’s mechanic where I can now run much better. I can now run 22 kilometers and I am not having the same level of injury problems, I am recovering very quickly but actually I now have not only have a better posture. But an overall engracing sense of well being.

So the chiropractic adjustment has given be benefits more and over above of what I thought it would do…

What impressed me the most was that, three months ago I was still having all these injuries. It has only been three months of chiropractic adjustment have I now found my body’s mechanic has significantly improved, my posture has improved, and do things now I never thought imagining  I would be doing in a short span of time.”*

Neville Vincent 

“8 years ago, I had a bad fall on the travelator. Initally, it wasn’t that bad then it started about 3 years ago I start to experience lower back problems. The pain got so bad that one day, I had to roll out of bed instead of sitting up normally.

On a regular basic, since working in a call center. I’m on 24 hours shift.  I do experience regular headache and all that. I used to blame it on the shift workand irregular meals and all that until I realised about Chiropractic care. 

Well, the back aches are gone.. I could go back to doing sport and I kind of forgot how I loved sports because of the pain.”*



Jonathan Woon

“I had difficulty sleeping well and deep. That is really hard for me. I had a hard time focusing at work, my attention span is very limited. I have a lot of lower back pain especially coming from the gym after I work out and lift weights. And I have chronic migraine attacks.

have very good sleep nowadays, very deep and long sleep. I am very well rested after that. And secondly, I have clarity of mind, and I have more focus at work. My lower back pain has gone away, permanently. So I can lift heavier weights, I can do more sports. Lastly, my migraine attacks have gone and I have not had any migraine attacks so far this year… “*

Bryan Calaycay

“I was having severe neck pain which leads to headache constantly. One of the nights, it became unbearable so I went to TCM. I thought it was fixed but actually it was just a temporary fix for 1 to 2 days and the pain persist. I chanced upon on a weekend at Vivocity. I was skeptical about it and after a few tests I decided to give Chiropractic a try.

My neck pain reduced significantly after getting adjustments actually it was gone.”*

Johnny Seow

*”I was having back pain and neck pain before we got introduced to Chiropractic. We were looking for a solution to our problem and we got it here. We sleep better, better posture, eat better and there are no more problem in walking, running or heavy lifting.” – Lazarus 

*”Since I am a nurse, it is the nature of my job to have back pains because of helping patients and lifting and that is why I always have back pain. We were looking for a solution to our problem. After getting adjustments, I noticed that I don’t have back pains and numbness anymore and it is like holy grail for me.” – Issel

Issel Quijano and Lazarus Quijano

*”I was having neck painstingling in my hand and numbness. I feel tired most of the time. 

I don’t really feel the tingling in my hands anymore. I don’t feel that tired everyday. I feel more fresh and more alert, and I can concentrate on my job more this time round.

Chiropractic helps your nerve to flow through your body once again, just like when you were younger. I feel fresher, more alert and more energetic. With just 12 adjustments the result is remarkable.” 

Herman Abdullah

“I had pain in my hamstring and thigh, it alternates to my right side. I have seen an Orthopaedic Surgeon and he told me my L4 and L5 has been compressed and this could be causing the pain that is going down the left and the right thigh. 

I enjoyed painless episodes. My pain on my thigh has disappeared after 3 to 6 months of Chiropractic sessions. Since then, the pain has not come back…”*


Arthur Chan

“Before joining the chiropractic center I was facing a lot of problems in my health. Like, can’t bend down properly, cannot change my daughter’s diapers and can’t sit on the floor for a long time as I feel pain in my back bone. 

It was a drastic change in my life, in my health because I don’t feel any issues I felt earlier. It is like a magic happened to my health because chiropractic is a very natural process, it doesn’t cause any harm to the body. 

After joining chiropractic, I feel my life has totally changed. 90% improvement in my body since I joined and now. I can gym, I can sit on the floor for a longer time, I can change my daughter’s diapers. So it has helped me a lot.”* 

Saru Mehrota

“I have really bad lower back pain, since 5 to 6 years agoI thought it was a normal pain. Eating painkiller, putting ointment doesn’t solve the problem. Until, last year it got really bad. My job scope need physical activities. So I feel more pain when I run with equipments.

I happened to meet Full Potential Chiropractic booth at Vivocity, so I thought why not…Since then, I am glad the pain has been reduced.

It will be a lie if you say it can heal overnight as we need to be patient. Be patient with the process, with the adjustment plan given to me by the doctors and the staff. Also, the exercises that was given to me. Practice it everyday, to do it everyday so that it will improve the healing process.”*

Erwin Arip

“Initally, I was having severe migraine, neck pain, shoulder ache, stiff shoulders and tingling in my ears

I think it has improved tremendously, such that my migraine has been gone… I feel lighter, more active, more energetic and I can do sports now

I would encourage to try. Get to know what is wrong with your body and it helps to build back your health, energy and self-esteem.”* 

Juliana Omar

每天醒来我的背很痛. 每天起来都痛 几秒钟才能起身. 

做这治疗完全 Okay.“*

Lim Geok Chuan

“Almost everyday I will have really bad back pains, because I will be sitting at the computer for very long hours. 

My back pain has lessen, it is less frequent now.”*


Andrea Koh

“I have this problem of neck pain issue and I have been dealing with it for quite some time when headache happen. It was recommended by my colleague, she was having back problem and she was a practice member here. She recommended it to me and say it was very good.

Through this chiropractic adjustment, it solved my neck problem, I don’t get injury so often and it definitely helps me in my daily life as well as my sleeping…  “*

Khoo Meng Soon

“I had severe lower back pain, which made me unable to play golf for about 3 months and that is why I came to a chiropractor.

I am now able to play golf 3 times a weekmassive improvement on my lifestyle.

All I can say is that it works for me, I don’t know if it works for you but it’s worth a try.”*


Chris Hedger

“I met an accident on 7/04/2010. I was hospitalized for a year. After 1 year, I have been to physotherapy and it would usually take 5 people to put me in a chair to go for physiotherapy. 

Since I started coming here (Full Potential Chiropractic) I have improved. 

My neck was totally bended down as there are screws in my neck but now my neck is straighter… I can lift my neck and see everywhere. I can also sit up for 1 hour on my bed and watch tv. 

Chiropractic care is very important to each and everyone. I have seen a lot of improvements and I am looking forward to more improvement, more healing and more progressing!”*


Habib Aur Rahim

“Actually, I have been having persistant pain in my left neck and left shoulder. I have been seeing my GP (General Practitioner) and the pain doesn’t go away. So happened that one of the days, on my way back at Harbourfront Vivocity, there was a roadshow. So I pop in to do a scan at the roadshow. 

So far the pain has lessen and my energy level has improved and besides that I used to get this gastroenterities quite often. After getting adjusted, the symptoms of gastroenterities has lessen and it has not been happening…”*

Mohd Salikimen Rafii 

** Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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