Watching your weight in Phase 2 to protect your back

Watching your weight in Phase 2 to protect your back

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With bubble tea shops re-opening and dining in (with only 4 friends) being allowed, the dangers of piling on weight that we lost (or gained) during the circuit breaker is here. Weight is something most people relate to for aesthetic purposes, but actually has a much deeper implication on our health.

Piling on additional kilos (especially around the waist) puts more stress on your spine when you move and sleep. Weighted-bearing joints in the body (from your hips, knees, ankles, and the lower back) can be stressed by weight gain. This places more pressure on your nerves, potentially increasing the rate of degeneration of your spinal health. What you eat also affects the quality of your bones, and how much you move (aka exercise) also affects the flexibility and mobility of your spine.

Your spine has an already difficult job of keeping your head up (which weighs as much as a bowling ball, ~5kg), and holding you upright. Help yourself by maintaining a healthy weight and not going crazy with freedom in Phase 2!

Here’s how we’re watching our weight and keeping healthy this Phase 2.

1. Eat healthy and clean

It’s definitely not easy to change your diet immediately. What you can do for a start is to have more fruits and vegetables on your plate (5 portions a day). As baby steps, how about swapping out your afternoon bubble tea for a fruit juice instead?

2. Get that exercise in

As parks and some sports facilities are opening up, this is a good opportunity to take a jog around the park and breathe in the smell of freedom. This can slowly build up over the weeks into a run, and perhaps some functional exercises in the park.

Another thing that we’ve been loving is attending virtual exercise classes. Put up a Youtube video over Zoom and start exercising together with some friends. Many gyms and boutique fitness studios have also been offering online classes. Exercise from the comfort of your home! Finding something that you like is better than forcing yourself to like something.

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3. Increase water consumption

How often do you drink water? If your answer is 2-3 glasses a day than that’s not enough. You should definitely be drinking a lot more. The minimum amount of water you should drink in a day is at least 2 litres. Now that we’re heading out more, remember to bring that water bottle and fill it up once empty.

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If you’ve gained the additional kilos from circuit breaker and are experiencing heightened back pains, it may be time to think about shedding that weight. Studies have shown that being overweight does not only increase your risk of back pains, it also limits your potential to improve with treatment.

Chiropractic adjustments can aide in the transition of losing weight. Specifically, chiropractic care can help you regain balance, allowing your spine and joints to keep up with the ongoing changes. Speak to us today to explore how we can be your health partner in achieving your weight-loss goals.


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