Key Takeaways from the CB Period to Continue in Our “New Normal”

Key Takeaways from the CB Period to Continue in Our “New Normal”

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After two months of being cooped up at home during the Circuit Breaker period (and perhaps even longer), how much of this “new normal” is here to stay once things gradually open up again?

Closures of non-essential businesses, schools, gyms, and other everyday facilities are all attempts to force social distancing. This intervention helps slow down transmission of COVID-19 and reduce potential fatalities, but has upturned our lives in many ways. Even as other countries are slowly lifting restrictions, these are done gradually. With no sight of when a vaccine or sufficient knowledge of how to predict the course of COVID-19, elements of social distancing seem here to stay for the foreseeable future.   

Which are the key elements of this COVID-19 episode we should continue to maintain?

Virus or not, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly

Before this year, washing our hands was typically a 5-second affair with more focus on how we looked in the mirror. However, we’ve now all been trained like surgeons to wash our hands thoroughly at every opportunity for at least 20 seconds, and making sure that every inch is covered. This is a great habit to have as it helps protect us against germs and bacteria which could affect our health. If you’ve forgotten the 8-steps to washing your hands, refresh your memory here.

Keep your hands to yourself

When you’re outside, try not to touch things. Using a pen to push elevator buttons, or a tissue to pull door handles reduces contact with any potential bacteria directly. We now know that germs and bacteria can last for hours, or even days on different surfaces. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer can go a long way in protecting you.

Take that sick day – it could save lives

“It’s just the flu, don’t worry about it.” Remember hearing your colleague coughing or sneezing away in the office? Before this, it was quite normal for us with mild flu-like symptoms to continue working. However, it’s best to stay at home if you feel unwell to allow your body to have sufficient rest and recover better. This is also the socially responsible thing to do as it prevents the potential spread of your illness to others who may be more vulnerable.

Eat well, keep fit, and boost your immunity

One of the key takeaways of COVID-19 is the value of good health, and having a strong immunity system. Many of those severely affected typically have pre-existing conditions, and are more susceptible to complications. If you’re wondering why a chiropractor is even talking about immunity (rather than just back and neck pain), here’s how chiropractic helps boost your immunity.

Want to know 5 easy ways to boost your immunity every day?

Key Takeaways from the CB Period to Continue in Our “New Normal”

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