Your corporate care partner

A healthy workforce will significantly reduce corporate medical costs and improve employee productivity. 

Corporate wellness initiatives

Whether your employees are looking for treatment or preventive care, we are flexible in our partnership to meet your needs.
Help your employees understand their spinal health, and provide an early detection of risks today.

Partners we've worked with

With over 12 years of providing chiropractic care in Singapore, our track record and experience in corporate engagements have made us the partner of choice of many corporates.

Health Talk Chiropractic Singapore

Free health talks and spinal scans


Hear from our Doctor of Chiropractic on good spinal habits to keep at the workplace, exercises done at the desk to improve your posture, and tips on workplace ergonomics.

Duration: 30 – 45 mins | Cost: Free | Topics: Tailored to audience | Logistics required: NA


We utilize a surface electromyography (sEMG) scanner to measure muscle tension along the spine. This examination is an electronic form of palpation, and is an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health.

Duration: 15 minutes per employee | Cost: Free | Logistics: Booking of Pantry/ Staff Lounge


Annual spinal health checks

Organizing your corporate annual health screening event? Add on a spinal scan station to this event at no additional cost for employees to better understand their spinal health.

Duration: 15 minutes per employee | Cost: Free

Corporate discount

Looking to increase staff benefits?

Speak to us to understand our corporate partnership programmes and available discounts for your staff.

In-office chiropractic care


After many corporate requests, we have launched our in-office clinics, bringing the convenience of the comprehensive chiropractic check-up to your employees!

Duration: 45 minutes per employee | Cost: Discounted Corporate Rate | Logistics: Booking of Meeting Rooms


Considering an in-office chiropractor to improve workplace health benefits? We currently are doing this for other corporates, who have shared that such benefits have helped with recruitment and staff engagement.

Details: Speak to us to discuss details