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(Opening in Dec 2020)


Tampines Opening Special

Valid until 31 Dec 2020

Tampines Opening Special

Find your relief at Tampines

Given the frequency of chiropractic adjustments to correct and maintain your spinal alignment, it is important to choose a location convenient for you. 

Our Tampines center is located at the basement level of Our Tampines Hub. It is a 5 minute walk from Tampines MRT station (Downtown line exit F), and parking is available at Our Tampines Hub.  

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Opening hours




8.30am to 1.00pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
8.30am to 1.00pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
8.30am to 1.00pm
9.00am to 1.00pm

Interested in getting chiropractic treatment at Tampines?

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Spinal Check-up Process

1. Clinical History


Our Doctors of Chiropractic will have a detailed discussion with you about the problems you are dealing with.

2. Full Spinal Examination


We utilize more than 5 different tests to develop a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

3. Spinal X-rays (Not Included)


X-rays can be essential in properly diagnosing your spinal condition and understanding how to best help you. 

4. Your Spinal Health Report


At this appointment, we will verbally explain to you the findings and our best recommendations on any action that needs to be taken.

Real people, Real results.

“The reason why I started my treatment here is that I always have issues sleeping, headache, lower back pain, stiff neck, cramps in my left leg and etc.

Back in the days of my national service, I have slipped disc and degenerative disc diagnosed by the medical offer in the army. I’ve only recently seek treatment because I did not have confidence and was afraid of the treatment with all the “cracking” noises, especially when they are doing the head adjustments. I’ve been 6 months in and I can assure you that the treatment process is safe and the doctors here are highly skilled and trained.

That said 6 months in many of those symptoms did not seem to resurface and I am happy with that and I can’t wait to see my final results.





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