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Why choose a chiropractor located near you?

Looking for a chiropractor near you or in your area of work? That’s a wise choice! 👍🏻

Chiropractic care typically requires frequent visits on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the severity of your condition, and how long you’ve been under care for). 

Finding a chiropractor that is located near where you live or work can make it much easier to incorporate it into your routine. 🏃🏻

Chiropractic Singapore is nestled in the Novena Specialist Centre with easy access to prominent hospitals, three shopping malls (Novena Square, Velocity, Square 2) and a business hotel. Novena Specialist Centre is also connected to the Novena MRT station through an underpass, well within the comfort of an air-conditioned passageway.

Coming for chiropractic adjustments during lunchtime will also be a breeze, as we are surrounded by plenty of food options. 😋 This makes it convenient for you to come by to get adjusted and grab a bite at the same time. 

If you’re working in the Novena vicinity, we provide chiropractic adjustments at convenient timings for fellow office warriors! 🤓

Our main adjustment timings are

  • Before work (8.30am – 9.30am)
  • Lunchtime (11.30am – 12.30pm)
  • Tea break 😉 (3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • After work (6pm – 7.30pm).

Each adjustment is usually quite quick (<10 minutes), making it easy for you to pop by. 

We’ve helped many office workers working around Novena find relief from their back pain and neck pain after spending hours working on the computer. If you’ve been silently suffering from these 😢, it’s time to come in for a check-up.

How to get to our Novena chiropractic centre

Our Novena center is located at the fifth level of Novena Specialist Centre. It is a 2-minute walk from Novena MRT station (North-south line exit A). Locate and follow the underpass to Novena Specialist Centre  / Oasia Hotel Singapore at Basement 1. Take the escalator at the end of the underpass up to Oasia Hotel SIngapore. Follow the side entrance at Oasia Hotel, and take the elevator up to the Novena Specialist Center reception lobby.

Coming by:

  • Car
    Follow Pan-island Expressway (PIE) and exit to Thomson Road. Turn into Irrawaddy Road Central-island Expressway (CTE) to Moulmein Road. Turn into Sinaran Drive. There is parking available at Novena Specialist Centre.
Novena Specialist Center Parking
  • Bus –
    Thomson Road – 5, 21, 54, 56, 57, 131, 143, 162, 162M, 166, 167, 851, 980, NR1

    Moulmein Road – 21, 124

  • MRT – 
    Novena MRT Station – North-south line

  • Shuttle Bus Services –
    Shuttle bus services are available between Novena Square 2 and other medical centres. 

    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital to Novena Square2

    Mon to Fri: 8am to 9:15pm
    Sat: 8am to 2:30pm
    No service on Sun & Public Holidays

    National Skin Centre to Novena Square2

    Mon to Fri: 7:30 am to 5:45 pm
    No service on Sat/Sun & Public Holidays

Need directions?

What’s the process of seeing a chiropractor?

If it’s your first time seeing a chiropractor, you might be wondering what the steps are before getting adjusted. 

Here’s our step by step guide to the process:

1. Arriving at our Novena centre

When you arrive at our Novena centre, wait times are minimal and usually just enough time to complete your initial paperwork. 

Your initial paperwork is to help our health partners and your attending chiropractor get a better idea of your health history and current needs.

You are advised to come in 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the paperwork.

2. Consultation with our chiropractor

Chiropractic Singapore Consultation

The initial consultation typically takes around 20 minutes per person.

During your first comprehensive spinal check-up, our chiropractor will spend most of his/her time understanding your condition and concerns, explaining how joint dysfunction may occur, how a chiropractic adjustment is used to correct them, and the many benefits chiropractic has to offer. 

If you’ve never had your spine checked before, this is a great time to have some of your questions answered by the chiropractor.

After which, we will conduct several different tests to gain a holistic understanding of your spinal health.

3. Your full spinal examination process

Your chiropractor will perform a physical examination and palpation of your spine. 

Our friendly health partners will then conduct the remaining spinal examinations for you. That includes: 

  • Visual Posture Assessment 
  • Posture Photo Analysis
  • Bilateral Weight Distribution Assessment 
  • Computerized Spinal Range of Motion Measurement
  • Thermographic Evaluation
  • Surface Electromyography Scan

4. Spinal X-rays

Based on the initial consultation, our chiropractors may advise that they require spinal X-rays. This helps us to understand the severity and degree of degeneration in your spine. 

This is also for your own safety. It’s important that the chiropractor adjusting you has full knowledge of your condition. 

For our Novena centre, the nearest X-ray partner is located at Novena Medical Centre.

Novena Medical Center

It’s only a short 2-minute walk, so you could do it right after the initial check-up if it’s convenient for you.

5. Report of Findings

This session should take around 45 minutes per person. 

After your X-rays have been taken, you’ll come back for a second consultation with the chiropractor to run through the results of your tests and X-rays.

The chiropractor will also let you know if chiropractic can help your condition, or if you should be turning to other specialists instead. 

If chiropractic can help, the chiropractor will adjust you during this session, and let you know our recommendation for your condition. 

6. Regular Adjustments

chiropractor adjustment chiropractic singapore 
If you choose to come in for regular adjustments, our team will help to create a schedule for you to come in for regular adjustments on a weekly or monthly basis, to get your healing journey started! 🥳

Why should you choose us as your chiropractor?

Seeing our practice members get better is what drives us to do our best on a daily basis. Don’t take it from us, take it from our practice members who visit our Novena centre on their experience!

Reshmi Nair
Reshmi Nair
Read More
Have been visiting here due to lower and upper back pain .I felt alot more better now than before. Since 6 months here very happy with Dr Sharon and team, the way she is managing patients is really appreciated .The staffs are very friendly and professional . Thank you dr Sharon. Quick and efficient treatment & no long waiting time😊
Ellie Leow
Ellie Leow
Read More
Great Experience! Have been dropping by for 1 month to do my weekly adjustments. Really help me to reduce my lower back pain and improve my health 🙂
Valerie Zhuang
Valerie Zhuang
Read More
Chiropractic treatment helps loosen my stiff neck and back especially in current situation where WFH is mandated. For schooling kid who has bad posture or hunch back like my P1 kid, i would recommend getting adjusted early to fix the problem.

How much does chiropractic care cost at your Novena centre?

One of the most common questions we get is “how much is it per session?”.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the retail prices we charge for chiropractic:

    • First check-up: $95 
    • X-rays: $180 
    • Adjustment: $100 

These are our retail prices for walk-ins. From time to time, we do run promotions for first time patients for your first check-up.

📢 Drop us a call 📞 to find out discounts available for first time patients! 📢

For longer-term care plans, the cost will depend on the severity of your condition, and how your body responds to adjustments. Similar to braces for teeth, chiropractic is not a quick fix solution, and it takes time to correct spinal misalignments. For many, it can take around 8-12 months to correct spinal misalignments with one to two adjustments a week. The cost is quite similar to braces for teeth. 

A key difference for Chiropractic Singapore is that we don’t charge for additional chiropractic adjustments if you require more during the duration of your care plan. We understand that accidents happen and that your body may take longer to respond to adjustments. As such, our goal is to help you go beyond feeling better, and to help restore proper spinal alignment for optimal nervous system flow.  

While most seek out solutions to straighten teeth for aesthetic purposes, regaining spinal alignment goes beyond aesthetic (better posture) purposes. Read more about what is chiropractic about, and why you should invest in your own health. 

Does chiropractic cover insurance?

Can you claim insurance for chiropractic care?

The short answer is it all depends on the insurance plan you’ve signed up for. Chiropractic treatment is a long term commitment so it is important to check the coverage limits of your health insurance plan to find out if they are sufficient for the number of treatments and follow-ups you require. 

Chiropractic care coverage is usually covered under Accident Policy, Insurance Riders and even corporate employee insurance scheme or flexi benefits.

Insurers who cover chiropractic care includes (but are not limited to): 

COVID 19 Advisory at Chiropractic Singapore

Important COVID-19 Notice

In accordance with the current regulations, we are glad to share that we remain open to help you. 

As we are committed to ensuring the well-being of our members and co-workers, we will continue to take all possible measures to ensure that Chiropractic Singapore remains a safe place for everyone. 

Please note the following guidelines we have implemented for your visit: 

  • We have spread out the number of people coming in for adjustments at any one time. If you were due to come in at a popular timing, you should have been contacted and allocated a new timeslot.

  • We appreciate your cooperation to adhere to the timing allocated to you.

  • We continue to conduct regular sanitization of high contact areas, and thorough cleaning of the centres during non-operating hours.

  • We appreciate your understanding if there is a delay in our service when we are disinfecting these areas. Your safety is our priority.

  • With the current limits on group size to 2, please have 1 guardian only for every child or elderly member coming in for adjustments.

To ensure the safety of our community, please remember to sanitize your hands, keep your masks on at all times 😷, take your temperature, and check-in upon entering the centre.

Changes to your schedule 📆

We understand that with WFH being the default, this may result in changes to your schedule. Should getting adjusted at another centre be more convenient for you, we can help to make that arrangement.

Please contact us in advance if you need to make changes to your adjustment timing, or centre.

Please cancel your appointment if you’re not feeling well, or have a known exposure to a positive COVID-19 case, or are serving SHN.

Please inform us of the cancellation so that we can make adjustments to your schedule accordingly. There will be no missed adjustment charges for such cancellations.

Opening hours

Closed on Public Holidays

Closed on Public Holidays




8.30am to 1.00pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
8.30am to 1.00pm
3.00pm to 7.30pm
8.30am to 1.00pm
9.00am to 1.00pm

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