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Best pillow for neck pain in Singapore for a good night sleep

good sleep with a good pillow

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Are you tired of waking up with a stiff neck every morning? Neck pain can be a real nuisance, affecting your daily life and overall well-being. One of the common culprits of neck pain during sleep is an unsuitable pillow. But fear not, because in this guide, we will explore the best pillows for neck pain in Singapore and provide you with some valuable tips on how to choose the right pillow for a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable mornings and hello to restful nights!

How to choose a good pillow to prevent neck pain?

Choosing the right pillow can make a world of difference when it comes to preventing neck pain. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Pillow material

The material of your pillow plays a significant role in providing the right support for your neck.

  • Memory foam pillows are an excellent choice as they conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing optimal support and alignment.
  • Latex pillows are another option known for their durability and support.
  • Down pillows can be comfortable but may not offer the same level of support.

2. Pillow height

The height of your pillow should keep your head and neck in a neutral position. If your pillow is too high or too low, it can strain your neck muscles and lead to discomfort. Generally, a pillow that keeps your head level with your spine is ideal. However, some people may require higher or lower pillows based on their body size and sleeping position.

3. Sleeping position

Your sleeping position also influences the type of pillow you should choose:

  • Back sleepers: Opt for a pillow with medium support to keep your head and neck aligned.
  • Side sleepers: A firm pillow that fills the gap between your head and shoulder is recommended.
  • Stomach sleepers: It’s best to use a very soft and flat pillow or no pillow at all to avoid straining your neck.

4. Pillow size

The size of your pillow should match your bed size. A standard-sized pillow works for a single bed, while a queen or king-sized bed may require larger pillows for proper support.

5. Allergies

If you have allergies, consider hypoallergenic pillows. They are designed to resist dust mites and allergens, ensuring a healthier sleep environment.

6. Pillow cover

A removable, washable pillow cover is essential for maintaining hygiene and freshness. Make sure your chosen pillow has an easily washable cover to keep it clean and free from allergens.

Where can I buy a pillow for neck pain in Singapore?

Now that you know what to look out for in a pillow, you might be wondering where to find the best pillows for neck pain in Singapore. Here are some options:

1. Furniture and bedding stores

Retail stores specialising in furniture and bedding are a great place to start your search. They often have a variety of pillow options for you to test and choose from. Some well-known stores in Singapore include IKEA, Harvey Norman, and Courts.

2. Online retailers

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, and many reputable online retailers offer a wide range of pillows for neck pain. Websites like Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon.sg have extensive selections with customer reviews to help you make an informed choice.

3. Specialised bedding stores

Consider visiting bedding stores that specialise in sleep-related products. They often have knowledgeable staff who can provide expert advice and guidance on choosing the right pillow for your specific needs. Some examples include TEMPUR, Getha, and SleepSolutions.

Where can I get custom-made pillows for neck pain?

Sometimes, off-the-shelf pillows may not provide the perfect fit for your unique needs. In such cases, you might want to consider custom-made pillows. Here are a few places in Singapore where you can get custom-made pillows for neck pain:

1. Pillow Lab

Pillow Lab is a specialised store in Singapore that offers custom-made pillows tailored to your individual preferences. They use advanced technology to create pillows that provide optimal support for your neck and spine.

2. TEMPUR Sleep Sanctuary

TEMPUR Sleep Sanctuary provides customised pillows based on your body’s measurements and specific requirements. These pillows are made with TEMPUR material, known for its excellent support and comfort.

Can chiropractic care help to manage my neck pain from my pillow?

managing neck pain from pillow with chiropractic singapore

Chiropractic care can indeed be beneficial for managing neck pain, especially if it’s related to your pillow or sleeping position. Chiropractors are trained to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues, including those stemming from poor sleep posture. Here’s how chiropractic care can help:

1. Spinal adjustment

Chiropractors can perform spinal adjustments to realign the spine and relieve pressure on nerves and muscles. If your neck pain is due to poor sleeping posture or an unsuitable pillow, chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper alignment.

2. Postural education

Chiropractors can provide guidance on maintaining proper posture during sleep. They can recommend suitable sleeping positions and the right pillow and mattress for your specific needs.

3. Lifestyle advice

Chiropractors often offer lifestyle advice to promote overall well-being, including exercise routines, ergonomic changes, and sleep hygiene tips.

If you are experiencing persistent neck pain related to your pillow or sleep habits, book a consultation with our chiropractors for a thorough evaluation and personalised adjustment plan.

Restful nights and pain-free mornings: The path to choosing the perfect pillow

Choosing the right pillow is a crucial step in preventing neck pain and enjoying a good night’s sleep. Consider your sleeping position, pillow material, height, and other personal preferences when making your selection. If you’re experiencing persistent neck pain, don’t hesitate to consult with our chiropractors or a medical professional. With the right pillow and sleep habits, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day, free from the discomfort of neck pain. Sweet dreams!


What causes neck pain during sleep?

Unsuitable Pillow and Mattress

An unsuitable pillow and mattress can lead to neck pain during sleep. If your pillow doesn’t provide adequate support or your mattress is too soft or too firm, it can result in poor spinal alignment and strained neck muscles.

Bad Sleeping Position

Sleeping in a poor position can put excess pressure on your neck. For example, sleeping with your head elevated too high or too low can lead to neck discomfort. Similarly, sleeping on your stomach can force your neck into an unnatural angle.

What else should I take note of to get a good night’s sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep goes beyond choosing the right pillow. Here are some additional tips to ensure you wake up refreshed and pain-free:

1. Comfortable sleeping positions for neck pain

  • Back sleepers: Place a small pillow or cushion under your knees to maintain the natural curve of your spine. Ensure your pillow supports your neck’s natural curve without tilting your head forward or backward.
  • Side sleepers: Place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine aligned. Your pillow should fill the space between your neck and shoulder, providing adequate support.
  • Stomach sleepers: While it’s not the recommended position, if you must sleep on your stomach, use a very flat pillow or none at all. This minimises strain on your neck.

2. Maintain a sleep schedule

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Consistency helps regulate your body’s internal clock and improves the quality of your sleep.

3. Create a comfortable sleep environment

Ensure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. Keep the room dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature. Invest in blackout curtains, earplugs, or a white noise machine if necessary.

4. Limit screen time before bed

The blue light emitted by phones, tablets, and computers can interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. Try to avoid screens at least an hour before bedtime.

5. Manage stress

Stress and anxiety can disrupt your sleep patterns. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to reduce stress levels before bedtime.

6. Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity can promote better sleep. However, avoid intense exercise close to bedtime, as it may have the opposite effect.

7. Watch your diet

Avoid heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol close to bedtime. These can disrupt your sleep patterns and make it harder to fall asleep.

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