5 Mistakes People Make When They See a Chiropractor

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Lots of people come across Chiropractic for the first time when searching for ways to fix the pain they are experiencing. Neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and back pain are a few common symptoms we see in our offices everyday.

There is no doubt chiropractic can provide some pain relief. This is because it helps to realign your spine, allowing your nerves to flow better and releasing tension in your spine.


1. Treating It As A “Quick-Fix” Solution

One thing we have to note is that your spine doesn’t mis-align overnight. It takes years of bad habits and/or injuries before you have subluxation (mis-alignment of your spine). The misalignment will then stress your nerves, muscles and ligaments, and all this stress will ultimately lead to you feeling the pain. In a lot of cases, people persevere through the initial discomfort for days, if not weeks, months, or years before they look for external help to rid themselves of the pain.

As much as it would feel great to have a quick miraculous solution, that really would just be a miracle. Pain can only be resolved by getting to the core of the problem. It would mean to realign your spine through adjustments, in conjunction with addressing the bad habits and your lifestyle that may have contributed to the misalignment in the first place. Over time, the stress on your nerves, muscles, and ligaments will be relieved. And by retraining your muscles and ligaments through specific exercises and stretches, you’ll be able to recover functionality.

Chiropractic is more than just a treatment for pain, and it is more than simply aligning your spine. It is about improving your life as a whole, and living a life free-of-pain. Allowing your nervous system to flow to ALL parts of your body and to keep it that way. It won’t be a “quick-fix” but it can be a “real-fix” that will allow you and your body to be at your optimal self.


2. Stopping Care When Feeling Better

It’s great that you’re feeling better, but as we saw above, pain is only a manifestation of the bigger and deeper problem that you are facing. Without resolving the subluxation and the lifestyle, it is very likely that the same pain will return at some point of time.

And did you know that only 10 percent of the messages transmitted by our nervous system relates to pain? Our bodies are so masterful at adjusting to small changes that with the onset of subluxation. It will just stress a nerve and muscle here and there until the nerve disruption results in a pain flare up. That will be transmitted through that 10% pain-message stream.

You will most likely feel better after getting adjusted. Your muscles will no longer be working overtime and your nervous system will be working better. However, that is just the initial phase. Healing takes time, remember there is no “quick fix” and the absence of pain does not mean that you are well. If you stop the healing process just because you’re feeling better, you’re not treating the root cause of the problem but rather skimming the surface.

Just take exercise as an example. Will you stop exercising after you reach your ideal weight? Weight management is important, wouldn’t you want to achieve great fitness and maintain that for as long as you can? Will you stop brushing your teeth just because your teeth is not hurting anymore?

Stick to your chiropractors’ recommendation. Rid yourself of pain, but reach your optimal self and maintain it.


3. Not Getting a Full Chiropractic Checkup

Would you let a pilot fly blind? I don’t think so.

A full chiropractic checkup is essential to determine if chiropractic is right for you and what your recommendation would be. Just think about it. Everyone’s spine is different, just as your life stories are different, thus your recommendation will be different and specifically suited for you.

We had a practice member who had been suffering from neck pain and low back pain, with very limited range of motion. He hadn’t thought much of it, thinking it was something a lot of people commonly faced. However, while going through his full chiropractic checkup we found out that he has ankylosing spondylitis, a condition where the spinal bones start to fuse together.

It was only after his complete chiropractic spinal checkup that he learned that his “common” neck and shoulder pain was not common afterall. With this finding, we were able to deliver the care he needed to help manage the unique condition.

Our chiropractors at Full Potential Chiropractic want to fly with both eyes wide open, to provide you with the care uniquely suited to you, so that we can help you unleash your best.


4. Not Reassessing Your Progress

At Full Potential Chiropractic, we are committed to providing you with the best possible chiropractic care. We do so by reassessing your progress every month or every other month depending on your recommendations. It is an important process to see how you’re progressing and if any changes should be made in your program to help you achieve your health goals.

As everyone’s bodies are unique and different, the response to chiropractic care may be different. Children may tend to show faster improvement than adults for instance. Some people may feel a little lightheaded after their adjustment, while others will feel more awake.

We only want to help you as best as we can, so join us in the journey of learning more about YOU to help you achieve optimal wellness.


5. Thinking All Chiropractors Are the Same

All chiropractors focus on treating subluxation, by realigning your spine to allow your nervous system flow through ALL parts of your body so that your body/organs can work at its utmost function.

A wellness-focused chiropractor focuses on your overall wellness rather than just helping you relieve your pain temporarily. The main goal is to find the cause of your problem and to treat that problem. By realigning your spine and retraining your body through stretches, exercises and integrating good spinal habits.

Full Potential Chiropractic focuses on your overall wellness rather than only helping you relieve your pain. We believe that chiropractic is more than a treatment for pain, rather a way of life. So that you can be the best you can be! Enjoying the sports and activity that you like, and never having to be restricted by pain.


Take The First Step Today!

If you have a problem in your spine, it may start off with no pain at all. Then, it may start to bother you slightly, and you’ll initially brush it off as a minor issue. But if left uncared for, the problem may get worse and significantly impact your life.

Your spine performs very important functions in your body. It provides the key framework that supports your body, and it protects your nervous system. The health of your spine is crucial in you living a healthy life. Get your spine checked today.


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