Natural Solutions to Tiredness and Fatigue

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Supercharge Your Life!

Unfortunately, when most people are dealing with tiredness and fatigue they ask themselves, “What can I take (or eat/ drink) to give me a boost?”

They often think in terms of a short-term surge of energy to get them through a particular event or day. They are focused on having enough energy to “survive” their day, to make it to the end; they aren’t focused on thriving and getting the most out of their life. They look to a short-term solution thinking that they will find the time to recover at some later point of time.

With all the sensory input, stresses, and busy-ness of modern life, it is very easy for these moments and days to accumulate. And without tackling the cause but finding temporary boosts to continue on, the tiredness and fatigue compounds and can lead to chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue can be a major roadblock to vitality.

If you get to a certain point in your day and you hit the wall, lose energy, focus, and excitement, have you ever thought of why that is? What is missing in your life that is preventing you from having sustained energy? What actions, choices, or habits of yours are blocking you from having optimal vitality?


Over the next several posts we will discuss fundamentals principles that govern your energy levels and we’ll uncover some pragmatic, actionable tips and strategies you can utilize to energize your life.

Let’s jump into it.

Your Nervous System Controls Your Energy Levels

Click on picture for a more detailed nerve chart. 

Your nervous system is the master POWER system of your body that coordinates and controls all of your body functions—EVERYTHING that happens inside of you. Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Think of this system as a vast communication network, sending and receiving information from your main control centre (your brain) to all of your body parts through a network of intricate wires (your nerves).

We generate energy by breaking down the food we consume into usable energy molecules known as ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. The process of energy production is known as metabolism.

It is critical to understand that your nervous system is in direct control of your metabolism. Your metabolism needs to function well for you to have sustained energy throughout your day.

If your nervous system is out of balance or is dysfunctional, then this may lead to a slow or weakened metabolism. You may feel tired, fatigued, or lethargic throughout your day as your energy production system is functioning in a less-than-optimal state. You are not efficiently breaking down your food for energy.

Chiropractic adjustments boost your nervous system and help you to function better from the inside out. Adjustments realign your spine, balance out your brain function, and can restore harmony to a variety of internal systems that govern your health.

Pain Can Rob You of Energy

Dealing with pain can be extremely irritating. It is very common for people, as they are trying to battle through neck painheadacheslower back pain, etc., to feel tired, irritable, or frustrated.

The experience of constantly being on-guard and worried about a physical discomfort can rob you of energy as well. Muscle tension, poor postures, restricted movement can sap you of vitality.

Chiropractic can help in this area as well. Adjustments can help you feel better, have more flexibility, less tension, and better posture. It is very common for our practice members to report more energy as their nervous systems are activated after adjustments.

Tips to Boost Your Energy

  • Sleep 6-8 hours per night

Try to go to bed at a consistent hour each day to establish a rhythm to your sleep cycle.
Eliminate distractions, and make the space comfortable: black-out curtains can be helpful.

  • Have a healthy breakfast

Try to limit the consumption of greasy carbohydrates, like fried noodle or rice.
Consume high-quality proteins, like eggs or meat.
Fruits and vegetables are recommended.

  • Snack healthy throughout your day

Consume fruits, vegetables, and high-quality fats and proteins regularly.
Drink ample amounts of water, 1-2 litres a day.
Limit sugary beverages like soda, sweetened tea, and Milo.
Limit coffee intake.

  • Take frequent breaks

Get up, walk around, and clear your head regularly.
Try to disconnect from stress at times throughout your day.

  • Take a nap

If you can take a brief cat-nap during your lunch hour that would be great.

  • Stretch throughout your day

Stand up and move your body consistently.
Do the exercises recommended to you by your chiropractor!

  • Breathe slowly, deeply, and regularly

Your Spine is Your Lifeline

The most important thing you could ever do to improve your health is to make sure your spine is in proper alignment and your nervous system is functioning 100%. If your spine is misaligned, stiff, and restricted, then your nervous system is compromised and your health may be affected.


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