Do you suffer from Text Neck?

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What is text neck?

“Text neck” is used to describe neck pain and damage caused by looking down at your mobile, tablet, or other wireless device. It is characterized by having one’s head forward, shoulders rounded and back slumped.

We spend approximately five hours a day looking at our phones (Don’t believe us? Quickly check your settings on your phone), and even more so with us staying home more given the pandemic.

Your head weighs 5kg, and every inch tilted forward doubles the weight your neck carries

Here’s what text neck does to you – it compresses and tightens the muscle, tendon, and ligament structures in front of the neck, while lengthening the muscles, tendon and ligament structures behind the back. Our heads weigh about 5kg (the size of a bowling ball). The seemingly innocent tilt of your head exponentially increases the weight your neck carries. Over time, the extra strain really adds up!


On top of the aches and pains, there’s more research going into how text neck is not just wrecking our posture, but also our moods. We often slouch when we are sad, feel scared, or powerless. Studies have shown that posture does not just reflect our emotional states; it can also cause them.

Of course, the solution isn’t to ditch our devices and go into seclusion. Instead, what we should do is to make sure we exercise right, and practice good habits to prevent the aches and pains that result from text neck.

Here’s some tips to break your bad habits

We’ve put together some exercises to reduce neck pain and shoulder tension here.

Ultimately, what’s more, important is for us to make fundamental changes to our habits, to prevent text neck from taking over. Here’s how:

  1. Change how you hold your phone – hold your phone/device at eye level as much as possible
  2. Take frequent breaks from your phone or your laptop – an easy mnemonic is the 30:30 rule, breaking for 30 seconds every 30 minutes
  3. Set up your workstation ergonomically
  4. Make an effort to stay in a neutral position – your ears should be aligned with your shoulders (do a quick check now to see if this is so!)

Correct your bad habits and win $30 CapitaLand Vouchers!

For the month of July, we want to encourage our practice members to break their bad habits, help make each adjustment hold longer, and unleash your full potential! Our challenge for the month is for you to post a photo or video of yourself practicing good posture habits. To give you a little encouragement, we are giving away $30 CapitaLand vouchers to the top 3 entries. Here’s the easy steps to doing so:

  1. Follow us on IG
  2. Post a photo or video of yourself practicing good posture habits
  3. Tag us @FPCSingapore and label #FPCChallenge

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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