Do you suffer from Text Neck?

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What is Text Neck?

The term “Text neck” refers to neck pain and damage caused by looking down at your phone, tablet, or other wireless device. It is distinguished by a forward head, rounded shoulders, and a slumped back.

We spend about five hours per day looking at our phones (don’t believe us? Check your phone’s settings right away), and this is especially true given the pandemic.

Your head weighs 5kg, and each inch tilted forward doubles the weight carried by your neck.

Text neck compresses and tightens the muscles, tendon, and ligament structures in front of the neck while lengthening the muscles, tendon, and ligament structures behind the back. Our heads weigh approximately 5kg (the size of a bowling ball). The weight carried by your neck is increased exponentially by the seemingly innocuous tilt of your head. The extra strain adds up over time!

Aside from the aches and pains, more research is being conducted to determine how text neck affects not only our posture but also our moods. When we are sad, afraid, or powerless, we tend to slouch. According to research, our emotional states are not only reflected by our posture; they can also be caused by it.

Of course, abandoning our devices and retreating into seclusion is not the solution. Instead, we should ensure that we exercise regularly and practice good habits to avoid the aches and pains caused by text neck.

Here are some tips to break your bad habits

We’ve put together some exercises to reduce neck pain and shoulder tension here.

What’s more important, in the end, is that we make fundamental changes to our habits in order to prevent text neck from taking over. Here’s how:

  1. Change the way you hold your phone – try to keep it at eye level as much as possible.
  2. Take frequent breaks from your phone or laptop – a simple mnemonic is the 30:30 rule, which states that you should take a 30 second break every 30 minutes.
  3. Set up your workstation ergonomically
  4. Make an effort to maintain a neutral position – your ears should be aligned with your shoulders

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