Headaches & Migraine

A headache can be a tipping point to ruining a happy and productive day. Don’t let your mind mess with your life.


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Headaches and migraines are among the top complaints that we hear, and it’s no wonder why given our fast paced lifestyle that is hard to change. Stresses at work and school can lead to throbbing headaches and affect productivity.

These are common body symptoms that could indicate a potential misalignment in your neck causing headaches.

Aches in neck & shoulders

numbness and tingling

blurred vision

difficulty bending head


muscle tightness

Chiropractic can help you

If the cause of your persistent headaches are due to a physical misalignment in the cervical spine, improving it’s alignment is the only solution. Panadol and other pain killers are only temporary “quick fixes”.

Through regular adjustments to improve alignment and increase joint mobility, we have helped many of our practice members go beyond pain-relief and lead a healthier life. 

This was achieved through a series of adjustments, exercises and stretches, and guiding them to eliminate some of their bad habits. 

Benefits of adjustments

Gaining proper spinal function helps with:

  • Easing daily tension headaches
  • Decreasing nerve interference
  • Promoting healing of soft tissue around the cervical spine

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