I used to have constant stiffness on my lower back when I wake up or after prolong duration of sitting down. After getting adjusted, I no longer experienced any stiffness on my lower back and my morning sinus had drastically reduced as well. At work, I am able to focus for a longer period before getting tired. All in all, I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants to achieve better overall health in life!*

Low Jun Jie

Back Pain Testimonials


*”I had back issues for the past few years which included persistent pain and stiffness.

Chanced upon Full potential Chiropractic one day and my life changed in a short span of a few months. The persistent pains had reduced greatly (almost negligible) and movements feel great now.

Chiropractic care is indeed helpful in improving the spinal system and solving my back issues without having to go through the hassle and pain of a surgery.

A great alternative.”

Calista Chan


*”I first knew about chiropractic through a viral video online, I went on to research more about it. Then few months later, I realized that I often had lower back pain, its often sore. That made me thought of chiropractic & going for its treatment to cure my pain and discomforts. Since then things has changed.

Ever since I started my treatments at Full Potential Chiropractic, many parts of my life have definitely changed. Whenever I am playing my favourite sports, I no longer experience and worry about my lower back pain. Also, I no longer feel any soreness whenever I wake up even when I had sufficient amount of sleep the previous night before.

This has helped me to lead an even happier & healthier life.”

Leo Zi Ming


“I was experiencing lower backshoulders and neck aches for the past two decades, the pain got worse recently, especially my shoulders and neck.

The aches and pains had causes me to loss focus on my work and daily life. I get agitated easily and sometimes I get very impatient. I do not have energy to do my usual exercises.

Since consulting Full Potential’s professional Chiropractic doctors and having gone through about few sessions of adjustments, I have definitely got my “power turned on” again – mentally, physically as well as health wise…*”

Even on my first session of chiropractic adjustment, I was so amazed that my breathing was so much more at ease and my lung capacity expended almost immediately.

For the past month or so, it is obviously noticeable that my posture had improved, my back, shoulders and neck pain had eased my health has never been better. Even my frozen shoulder has improved.

I was skeptical initially, but now, I am so glad I came for a check-up at Full Potential. It had definitely changed my opinion of Chiropractic healing.

Everybody should agree – Health is the real wealth!”

Rose Lee


“I suffered a compression fracture in the L5 vertebra due to a fall in 2006. Since then, I have undergone an operation to insert cement into the damaged vertebra but to no avail. 

I have also undergone two operations to cauterize the nerves but the relief from the pain was short-lived. I have been living with constant pain since the fall until I decided to consult Full Potential Chiropractic. 
The relief I felt was almost immediate….*”

After adjustments, I am more or less pain free and can go about the daily routine without the pain. Thank you very much for the excellent care!”

Helen Liu


*”In early 2010 I was experiencing such severe back pain(especially in the morning) that at time I was aware that I was walking with a markedly stopped posture. Purely by chance my wide and I were in Vivo City one weekend and we noticed a stand for chiropractic care. As a result of the discussion I had that day with the chiropractor, I made an appointment to visit the practice at HarbourFront and I commenced regular treatment shortly thereafter.

One of the startling discoveries I made at the beginning of my treatment was seeing an X-ray of my spine and realizing the extend of damage to my spinal column and the resultant precarious state of my spinal chord…*”

The resultant improvement over the last year has been quite marked. In general, I experienced a lot less back painmy posture has improveddramatically and I am also aware of a considerable improvement in the general flexibility of my back.”

James Pointing


“I had experienced occasional back pain since young. I went to a specialist and seek physiotherapy before but it was only temporary. I was convinced my scoliosis is one possible cause of pain and the specialist offered no permanent solution.

After going through the OSA, I noticed that I stand straighter and feel lesser pain. I am looking forward to the result of full treatment.*”

Desmond Looi

“I got to know Full Potential Chiropractic through road show held at VivoCity. Before the treatment, I always have backaches whenever I sit or stand upright. Because of this, my posture is always in a hunchback position. Besides that, I also have frequent migraine. Whenever I lean against the wall in a sitting position, I will incur neck ache and it leads to migraine.

However, after going through the midst of intensive treatments, I realized that I no longer have my backaches. Now I am able to stand upright for the whole day while doing my shopping. Even the migraine has become lessen. It is a great pleasure to  see such huge improvement within a short period of time.*”

Aileen Lin


“I was in some serious pain when I firstly join Full Potential Chiropractic, especially I have been having a constant back pain and neck pain.

With the detailed information given by the practice, it helps me to understand more in how to improve my overall perception how chiropractic care can help me in a long run for better health.

Ever since my 1st adjustment, I have noticed some positive changes…*”

It not just ease my back and neck pain, but also the chiropractic care has given me other benefits, somehow it helps me to improve my sleeping quality and more energy on daily basis.

I know for sure that I am in the right care, thanks to Full Potential Chiropractic for all the best care and encouragement you gave me.”

Christina Boentaran


“About 3 years ago, I had a constant lower back pain due to prolapsed disc, which I got through sports and exercises, I signed up for physiotherapy in the hope that I could reduce the pain or on a better result, a recovery.

After 2 years of physiotherapy sessions, I could not achieve the desired results. My colleagues and friends recommended chiropractic as they benefited greatly from the adjustments. Hence, through a friend’s recommendation, I joined Full Potential Chiropractic…*”

After 12 sessions, I am able to be relieved of the pain, and to my surprise, I have a more regular sleeping pattern, which gives me the energy to last longer for my work and studies. This could not have happened if I did not follow closely to the adjustment schedule.

I would recommend chiropractic care to my friends and loved ones who are seeking to reach their full potential in the things they want to accomplish.”

Bryan Sng


“Before joining the chiropractic program, I had been suffering from frequent lower backaches and neck stiffness for several months. This phenomenon became worst as time passed. When my neck stiffened, I had difficulty turning my neck to one side. My lower back aching made me feel uncomfortable during long seating position. I would then start changing posture in-order to find a comfortable position. However, this did not last long.

After joining chiropractic, I started to feel some difference…*”

With just 4 weeks of adjustment, my back aching and neck stiffness are no longer with me. I am glad that I took up the program and I hope this knowledge of chiropractic can be shared with more people via roadshow or health talk. If you have the time and no finance burden, I will encourage people to join this program. Have a try and you’ll feel the difference.”

Suzy Tan


“Somewhere before five months, I was suffering from lower back pain and wrong posture. During that time I wasn’t aware of Chiropractic care and one day I came across of Full Potential Chiropractic Care in roadshow and I just went there to check whether they can help me out.

That was the turning point, as explained by them and after knowing everything about chiropractic care I decided to join and now found that it was correct decision…*”

I am thankful to Full Potential Team including staff and doctors which is very friendly and adjustable just like the best and caring adjustment they do to heal our body and help us sustain good and healthy life. They are really helpful all ways, only we have to have patience, faith and have to keep our own momentum and follow their guidelines. Now I have been continously following their instruction such as regularly maintaining my schedule of adjustment and performing some exercizes at home, I amfeeling better almost half of my lower back pain has gone and posturealso getting better. Thank you Full Potential Team.”

Ajay Parja


“I started this treatment because I had severe nerve pains and spine problems.

However after only about 3 weeks of regular adjusmtnets, I have noticed a difference or rather an improvement in the nerve pains I used to have. I feel less stiff now and more confident about exercising and going on more hikes and walks.

I am sure with the weeks ahead, things will be better…*”

Aloysius Paul


“I was a university student and I’m currently working as an auditor. I have been suffering from lower back pain for quite sometime. I felt stiffness and tightness on my back spine whenever I would walk or sit for long hours.

I was feeling frustrated with these pains and I would like to stop it. It is fate I would say that I bumped into Full Potential Chiropractic when they held a booth at on of the shopping malls…*”

I did a test from them and they recommended me to go for an x-ray to check thoroughly. During the report findings, I was advised by Dr. Steve that I am on the first phase of spinal decay and it is necessary to do spinal adjustment before it come worsen.

I hesitated a while because I just start working and it was difficult for me to fork out a lump sum of money for the care. However, Dr. Steve recommended the best program to suit my preference. In the end, I joined the Full Potential family!

After the first adjustment I felt the immediate effect. I felt relief and not much of pain on my lower spine. The experience was great which led me to look forward on the following adjustments. Despite my tights schedule, I will try my best to follow the adjustment schedule as I understand that it is important to commit if I want to heal.

Healing process here I COME! Thanks to Full Potential Chiropractic.”

Audrey Ooi


“I’m an active sportsman but have been constantly haunted by my back injury that I suffered during my service in national service. I was shopping around the mall and saw the road show for chiropractic care.

They were providing free examination to check on the status of my spine, and I was thinking why not! After some analysis and explanation from the doctor, I was convinced to give chiropractic a try and I am glad I did…*”

After few months of sessions, my posture has improved and itwas noticeable by my family members. More importantly, the pain in my back had subsided and I was able to get back on track doing the sports I like.

Instead of relying long term on medication, going to the root of the problem and healing it naturally should be the way. Hence, I strongly recommend my family and friends to have a check up and if necessary, have their power turned on!”

Choo Shun Qiang


“My back was hurting for months and months, as well as my neck and shoulders. I felt like my whole body was hurting, it came to the point where exercising/swimming (which I love) became more a punishment or torture than pleasure.

I decide to do something and walked into Full Potential Chiropractic, expecting to be perfectly honest, nothing from it. After few sessions, my pain substantially decreased. After 2 months, I actually forgot what the pain was like. I can enjoy my life now and I can swim with no pain!*”

Full Potential Chiropractic is more than standard chiropractic. It is about people who really care about you and your health. People who remind you to do your home exercise daily. People who remind you to follow your adjustments on regular basis, and people who greet you every time you come to the office with your name!



*“My initial intention was persuaded by my partner because there was an interesting program for beginners (examination). I am thankful for this opportunity to know my body better and its condition.

Little did I know before, I had such a spine condition. For a few years, I have been experiencing aches in my upper back, and I guessed it was mainly due to a fall I had back when I was 15. At that age, my only resource was my agent’s advice and the solution was the traditional Chinese physician way.

The aches started ever since an accident when I was 23-24. It triggered this old injury that was like a ‘sleeping volcano’, silent. I have learnt to live with the aches for about 3 years.

The promotion at Full Potential Chiropractic came at the right time as I’ve been complaining about the aches. After my first few adjustments, I was not impressed at all as I had expected slight body aches and giddiness. Now, I’ve gone through 12 sessions and my colleagues commented that I do not hunch so much whilst walking. Wow! I’m loving it!”

Oceania Chua Bee Furn


“I injured my lower back during sports exercises and was seeking effective treatment in every possible means. I have tried traditional Chinese massage, orthopedic treatment and etc. However, besides painkillers, nothing really relieved the pain I was suffering.

Then, I was introduced to chiropractic by a friend. Giving it the benefit of doubt, I decided to give it a try. Amazingly, after the first adjustment, my pain is completely gone! Long-term care helps me keep my athleticism and helps me enjoy my daily exercise even more!*”

Wang Kaiwen


“The progressive care, which was given to me in the initial stages, did somehow improved my condition.

Gradually the pain and the nagging strain on my lower back were lightened.

Lastly but not least I would like to thank all the staff of Full Potential Chiropractic.*”

Wong Hin Ngee


“Since last October, my backache and lower hip pain have worsen. One evening in early March this year, I went to Square 2 shopping mall and get to know about Full Potential Chiropractic which had a roadshow there. Two of my neighbours have benefited from chiropractic treatment, so I decided to give it a try. After one month of adjustments, I feel that my back is not so stiff and I can sleep better at night.

I will continue to go for the adjustments as scheduled and I am sure my health will be greatly improved after the 1-year treatment.*”

Sim Seok Hwee


“Initially, I was experiencing upper back pain and the pain at the neck area.It has been disturbing me for quite awhile so after I met Full Potential Chiropractic at Ion’s roadshow I realized that my left side of the body was at a higher pressure as compared to the right and indeed the pain was always coming from the left side.

I immediately scheduled a checkup with them and realized that I have Subluxation. I decided to go on with the first adjustment and further treatments. Within a month, I find that the pain I was experiencing last time is not there anymore and I am more active and flexible than before.

To people who are experiencing back and neck pain but not sure of what to do you can come and visit them to see if Chiropractic is the solution!*”

Malvin Tan


“Before I began with the Chiropractic treatments, I had throbbing back pains all the way from my neck, shoulders to my back area. I would not be able to concentrate on my work when the pain gets unbearable.

It has improved a lot after several adjustments. I no longer feel irritated due to my pain.*”

Amnita Kaur


“Before receiving the treatment, I have faced many pain in the neck and back area. But after receiving the chiropractic treatment, the pain has lessened and I feel much more comfortable in the hurting areas.

I look forward to more healing of my back and neck pain in the future after more chiropractic treatments.*”

Tan Yee Lei


“I used to have back aches and shoulder stiffness. It worsens with long hour’s and sitting or walking. Through friends recommendation to try chiropractic treatment recovery in on its way.

With initial few sessions, I can feel drastic changing like having quality sleep, better posture with walking and back ache condition has improved. No regret in taking up the treatment. Strongly recommend for those who has persistent pain or poor body posture.*”

Chris Lim


“My job that requires long hours sitting at a computer, it is very easy to stay in that one position or improper position for eight to nine working hours every day when focus on daily work. It caused my back pain and neck painthe past few years, but I never take it seriously in the beginning.

Few years later, I almost couldn’t focus on my job as all attending in the pain and neck pain. Until one day I came for chiropractic treatments with my doubts, but my problems are really improved a lot in just two months time. I hope and I believe all my problems can be totally solved after the entire treatment program.*” 

Collin Qu


“It started off with lower back ache and stiffness and upper back that makes me try chiropractic care. I was surprised that after few adjustments, the pain has lesser and I am able to get back golfing.

It has made my life better that I have recommended my friends and brought my daughter to the program.

I strongly recommend chiropractic as it works better than medications. You can’t beat getting better and feeling good without medication. Not to mention the staffs warm welcome for each trip.*”

Joeven Chong


“Before I have pained at lower back while carrying my kids and after my workout and after sports. The pain has been affecting my daily routineand made me less mobile.

After 4 weeks unto the program, the pain is not so severe and I can do more things. I feel more energetic and more mobile and better flexibility. I feel more happy!*”

Patrick Gan


“I hurt my back for about a year now. This whole year was filled with discomfort. On good days, I just feel really tired. But on bad days, it’s numbness on my left leg, stiff body and frequent headaches.

I was desperate for help because doctor’s medication just isn’t helping much and I do not want too much chemicals to be running through my body.

After being introduced to Full Potential Chiropractic by my cousin, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t regret my decision since day 1.

All doctors and staff were really helpful and concerned. It’s been about a month since my first visit here, and my body feels so much better!

Headaches were gone. I am more energetic and my back is not as stiff as before!

Thank you Full Potential Chiropractic! Looking forward to more treatments with you!*”

Michelle Aw


“Initially, I have difficulty sleeping. And my back always felt tensed and stressed. That’s the reason I seek chiropractic treatment.

After one month of treatment, I can sleep for longer periods of time, my back feels less tensed and more comfortable.

Currently my whole family is under chiropractic care and I hope that we can have better life in the near future.*”

Mah Wei Tong


“I used to have constant stiffness on my lower back when I wake up or after prolong duration of sitting down.

After getting adjusted, I no longer experienced any stiffness on my lower back and my morning sinus had drastically reduced as well. At work, I am able to focus for a longer period before getting tired.

All in all, I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants to achieve better overall health in life!*”

Low Jun Jie


“A few months after the delivery of my baby, I experienced discomfort and pain in my right shoulder and lower back. I was unable to carry my baby for extended periods of time. It affected my quality of life.

My friend, Angie recommended that I should try out Full Potential Chiropractic as she had positive results in a month. Right from the first adjustment, I feel better and my quality of life has improved dramatically.*

Le Thao Nhi

* Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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