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To enable our community to live life at its fullest, achieving alignment between mind, body and goals.


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Who is Chiropractic Singapore?

Established in 2008, Chiropractic Singapore is one of the oldest chiropractic groups in Singapore. We are happy to be a trusted and highly reviewed chiropractor by our community, and this drives us to do our best.

Since our establishment, we focus on the simple objectives of treating people through chiropractic care, and sharing the joy of this all-natural, drug-free approach. We strongly believe in understanding your condition first, and pride ourselves in our patient-centric approach to providing chiropractic care.

"We believe in an all-natural, drug-free,
and non-invasive approach to helping you lead your best life."

We’ve grown to 4 chiropractic centers located around Singapore in the CBD, Westgate, Our Tampines Hub, and Novena Specialist Center.  

Our team is here to look after your long-term well-being. We understand that there may be a preference for female chiropractors, and we do have members on the team who can help with such preferences. 

After serving our community in Singapore address back pain, neck pain, and other symptoms for more than a decade, we understand that these are common concerns:

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Best Chiropractor in Singapore 2021

Best Chiropractor in Singapore 2021

Who is on your team?

We have a diverse and experienced team of chiropractors and other health professionals who are here to look after your long-term well-being.

Our team’s aim is to help you address the root cause of your pain and help you lead a better quality of life. 

We hold ourselves to high standards and have a rigorous internal training system in place to standardize your experience and care. Our team works together as one to support your health journey, giving you the flexibility of moving between centers at your convenience if necessary.

Dr Nurul Abu Bakar

Nurul Abu Bakar

At a young age, Nurul discovered her love for helping people especially the elderly and children. This love fueled her to move to New Zealand to pursue her chiropractic studies.

Nurul is passionate about enabling both the young and the old to become the best version of themselves through natural chiropractic care.

Chaw Siew Wei

Originally from Malaysia, Siew Wei practiced in both Hong Kong and Malaysia before moving to Singapore. She believes that regular adjustments and lifestyle modifications are key to good health.

During her downtime, you will often find her exploring the hiking trails, joining fitness classes as well as hunting for the best coffee places.

Dr Ryan Van Den Heuvel

Ryan Van Den Heuvel

Ryan grew up in Rotorua New Zealand where he discovered his passion for helping people.

Ryan is the lead trainer of the team and has been with Chiropractic Singapore for many years since moving to Singapore. 

Besides sports and motorcycles, he also loves talking about health and well-being. 

Dr Sharon Loi

Sharon Loi

Sharon is passionate about helping people achieve health naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery, which led her to obtaining her degree in chiropractic. 

During her years of practice in Malaysia and Singapore, she has helped a wide demographic of individuals to achieve their respective health goals, through regular adjustments and a proper understanding of their lifestyles.

Dr Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee

Born in South Korea, Tim was raised in Auckland. Tim believes that people are able to reach their highest potential through natural chiropractic care. With his passion for chiropractic, he empowers his patients to become a stronger version of themselves by restoring full function of their spine and nervous system. 

Outside of work, Tim also strives to keep himself active, and was a personal trainer in his college days.

Why choose Chiropractic Singapore?



We utilize the most comprehensive series of tests to thoroughly understand your condition. X-rays are typically required to diagnose the stage of degeneration.

Our diagnosis and recommended care are based on these results and the many years of clinical experience of our chiropractors.

Dr Ryan Progress Report


We consistently monitor your progress to understand if the care program is working for you, or if changes have to be made. Re-evaluations are very important.

We periodically repeat the tests taken on the initial check-up to monitor improvements in posture and bilateral weight distribution.

Chiropractic for Kids


Once you’re under our care, we won’t charge additional for more adjustments if an accident or an unfortunate event happens and you require more care during your care plan. 

Our patient-centric approach demands that we put your care as our first priority. 

Who can benefit from chiropractic?

Chiropractic care can benefit people from different walks of life. At every stage of life, we have different physical requirements and challenges. 

Chiropractic For Pregnant moms

With four kids, Fadilah often suffered from fatigue and frequent stiff neck and shoulders. 

⁣After starting her chiropractic care, she has noticed huge improvements in her health as a whole – not only is she better able to cope with her recurring pains, she is feeling more energized than before to be there for her family when it matters.

Chiropractic For Athletes

As a national windsurfer athlete with a full-time desk job, Amanda often suffers from lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders.

Before Amanda started her chiropractic care, she expected the treatment to only provide her short-term relief.

Now, after a few months of chiropractic adjustments, Amanda has fewer headaches and less lower back pain.

Chiropractic For Working Adults

Working from home, Farisha would often be plagued with headaches, day and night, due to tension in her lower back and neck. 

In just two months of chiropractic care, she is already seeing improvements with her lower back and neck pains. Furthermore, she has also started cultivating good postural habits.

Chiropractic For kids/babies

Chiropractic is like a guiding hand for our littles ones.

As they learn how to crawl and pick themselves up, chiropractic adjustments serve to aid them in making their movements more fluid and instinctive.

When babies fall sick, chiropractic serves as a shield to strengthen their immune system and help them fight the sickness.

When they slip and fall, chiropractic serves as a reassurance that their spinal is still in healthy alignment. There is a lot to benefit from adjusting babies.

Chiropractic For the Elderly

Chiropractic care is an essential pillar of both preventive and palliative care. As adults age and their range of motion start to become restricted, it is even more essential that they safeguard their health with regular chiropractic maintenance.

Benson’s story: “From myself to all elderlies, I advise you to come and get adjusted regularly. It has helped me so much overall. Apart from my physical conditions (stiff neck, pins, and needles in ears, arms, and legs) improving tremendously, I noticed that my body functions (bowel movements) have improved as well. Adjustments not only help with physical ailments but also help with the function of your organs as the nerves are connected to them and it’s important for it to flow properly for the body to function well. I think it is good to get adjusted and I’ve been under care for the past 7 years”

What benefits do Chiropractic Singapore members get?

Corrective treatment does not happen only at our centres. In order to achieve our long-term health goals, we have to work together to make it happen. We can’t stress enough the importance of having proper patient education. Thus, we have condensed critical chiropractic education into bite-sized flashcard forms to help our members better understand their body condition and to avoid those pitfalls that could dampen their recovery.

On top of that, we have an ecosystem to help you gain that extra edge when working or socializing. Some of the notable partners we work with include Take A Seat, foptics, Vita Health, Anya Active, FlexiFlow, Revved, The Rock School, Kipos, YOLO, Wafuken, the clean addicts, HEYBO, MBT,  getyr and DPM.

Choosing Chiropractic Singapore as your Chiropractor 

We understand that looking for a good chiropractor is an important decision, given the time and monetary commitment involved. 

What could help you in making your decision are:

Chiropractic is not a quick fix solution, and we want to be your health partner for the long run. 

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