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Chiropractic For Family

With three kids (and a fourth in tow!) Iskandar and his wife Fadilah often suffered from fatigue. In particular, Fadilah’s previous pregnancies caused her to have stiff neck and shoulders.

⁣After starting their chiropractic care, ⁣the family has noticed huge improvements in their health as a whole – not only are they experiencing pain less often, but also are resting better and have more energy to do things together as a family!

Chiropractic For Athletes

As a national windsurfer athlete with a full-time desk job, Amanda often suffers from lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders.

Before Amanda started her chiropractic care, she expected the treatment to only provide her short-term relief.  Now, after a few months of chiropractic adjustments, Amanda has fewer headaches and less low back pain. 

Chiropractic For Working Adults

Working from home, Farisha would often be plagued with headaches, day and night, due to tension in her lower back and neck. 

Within two months of chiropractic care, she is already seeing improvements with her lower back and neck pains. Furthermore, she has also started cultivating good postural habits. 

Resolving neck and back pains

“..Thanks to chiropractic, I feel much better! The pain had reduced tremendously only after only a short time…*”
Angelreena Lim
Neck & Shoulder Pain
“…After getting adjusted, I have experienced improvements, especially in the lower, upper back and leg. always feel great after an adjustment as it relieves my discomfort.*”
David Tan
Neck Pain
"Ever since I started my treatments at Chiropractic Singapore, I no longer experience and worry about my lower back pain whenever I play sports. Also, I no longer feel any soreness whenever I wake up."*
Leo Zi Ming
Back Pain
“…My posture had noticeably improved, my back, shoulders and neck pain had eased my health has never been better. Even my frozen shoulder has improved…”
Rose Lee
Neck And Shoulder Pain
" Persistent pains had reduced greatly and movements feel great now.

Chiropractic care is indeed helpful in solving my back issues without having to go through the hassle of a surgery.”*
Calista Chan
Back Pain
"Was introduced to chiropractic by a friend. Amazingly, after the first adjustment, my pain was completely gone!*”
Wang Kai Wen
Low Back Pain

Increasing quality of life

“…Chiropractic not only helped reduced my back pains, it has also helped me achieve better health through less fatugue thus helping me to focus on work.”*
Yep Wan Yi
“Experienced tremendous improvements, I no longer feel dizzy when I stand at attention. Am more in control of my head, body and breathing when I exercise.. I experience new energy level and my mood has been surprisingly good too…*”
Janice Ngin
Dizzy Spells, Low Energy
“I have very positive result with improved posture, better sleep and improved flexibility highly recommend everyone to come for adjustment "*
Chua Khoon Tien
Sleeping Issues
“After getting adjusted, I no longer experienced any stiffness on my lower back and my morning sinus had drastically reduced as well. At work, I am able to focus for a longer period.*”
Low Jun Jie
Stiffness, Sinus
“...wanted to correct my slouching problem. After receiving care, I realized that I no longer experienced back sores during the time of the month. My sitting posture also improved as I’m able to sit straight with ease."*
Tang Wen Hui
Poor Posture
“To my surprise, the pain and stiffness in my shoulders and legs have disappeared. I’m more flexible when I play sports.“
Rajini Kanth

Raising healthy children

"...Was completely oblivious to just how bad my posture was until I saw my x-rays. Began chiropractic care only expecting to improve my posture, but now I am able to focus better, move my head more easily and I have noticed a huge improvement in how tired I get during the day."*
Emily cooper
Poor Posture
”Chiropractic treatments help correct my posture and align my spine into position again. Now I can concentrate better in class and can run faster! Thank you chiropractic!”
Lee Zhi Hua
Poor Posture
"After several adjustments, I find that I have less back pain, sleep better and have a better appetite now.

Would advise my loved ones to go for chiropractic care if they have spine problems as it really helps. =)"
Valentia Choo
Back Pain
"..Realized chiropractic not only helped me with my back pain but also made me more flexible. Am now able to do physical things like running with ease.

To all who is considering to go for chiropractic care, my advice is go for it!”
Mila Din
Back Pain
"Am able to sleep better, have more appetite and exercise without muscle pain the following day.

Right now, my whole family is signed up for care. If you want to unleash your best, join this chiropractic family!”
Jevan Choo
No Major Symptoms
"My bad posture was affecting my health and studies. After chiropractic, I felt much better. I wake up early in the morning feeling good in school, I do better in my studies as I am able to listen well."
Denzel Wong
Poor Posture
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