Also, my flexibility has improved. I highly recommend everyone to come for adjustment as I think due to lifestyle issues, all of us have a certain degree of problem that chiropractic adjustment can help to improve.*

Chua Khoon Tien

Posture Testimonials


*”As I was doing national service, my parents observe that I was always tilting my head forward while carrying my heavy army bag. They persuaded me to seek chiropractic care when they saw that I was also always slouching when I was using my laptop. 

I was not entirely convinced that chiropractic care would help much , but decided to give it a try anyway.. After progressive chiropractic adjustments, the headaches, numbness and tingling sensations I used to have regularly began to disappear.

My shoulders and neck also do not ache as badly as before, and I attribute these significant changes to chiropractic and its positive effects on my nervous system.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” similarly it is wiser to tackle the root cause of health symptoms we face than to deal with the symptoms superficially. The best way to ascertain the effectiveness of chiropractic is to experience it yourself, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the gradual improvements in not just your health but your well-being and life general through the natural restoration of the nervous system: no tablets or supplements required!”

Lim Ting Jie


*”I was experiencing lower backshoulders and neck aches for the past two decades, the pain got worse recently, especially my shoulders and neck.

The aches and pains had causes me to loss focus on my work and daily life. I get agitated easily and sometimes I get very impatient. I do not have energy to do my usual exercises.

Since consulting Full Potential’s professional Chiropractic doctors and having gone through about few sessions of adjustments, I have definitely got my “power turned on” again – mentally, physically as well as health wise…*”

Even on my first session of chiropractic adjustment, I was so amazed that my breathing was so much more at ease and my lung capacity expended almost immediately.

For the past month or so, it is obviously noticeable that my posture had improved, my back, shoulders and neck pain had eased my health has never been better. Even my frozen shoulder has improved.

I was skeptical initially, but now, I am so glad I came for a check-up at Full Potential. It had definitely changed my opinion of Chiropractic healing.

Everybody should agree – Health is the real wealth!”

Rose Lee


*“I was introduced by a good friend to seek care for my sleeping problem and posture issues. I have very positive result with improved posture (my left and right side of body is a lot more balanced now) and is able to sleep better.

Also my flexibility has improved. I highly recommend everyone to come for adjustment as I think due to lifestyle issues, all of us have a certain degree of problem that chiropractic adjustment can help to improve.

Staffs are great here and the whole team is very warm and welcoming. Thank you for the wonderful experience!”

Chua Khoon Tien


*”I signed up for chiropractic care together with my family. My parents wanted to try chiropractic care to alleviate their back problems. They thought that it would also be good for my siblings and I to start caring for our spinal health at our early age.

Through the course of my chiropractic care, I learnt that our spinal health may be deteriorating even if we don’t feel any pain. The deterioration is caused by bad posture and stress amongst other factors. It may be exacerbated if we continue to do nothing to improve it.”

The regular adjustment that I receive from Chiropractic care help to improve my posture and spinal health. Through the information briefing sessions, I’m now more aware of the need to sit and stand with proper posture.

I’m also equipped with simple exercises that help to maintain good posture. I see my chiropractic care as an early intervention to prevent more serious problem to my spinal health in the future.”

Genevive Chan


*”Before, I had a slight hunch and a pushed-forward neck. The chiropractor told me, as we were reviewing the x-rays images of my spine heading up to the neck, that if this was left untreated, it might get worse. Naturally, I was worried, and wanted it corrected. So I signed up. I was sceptical at first of the efficacy of chiropractic care. Never once have I heard a medical doctor recommend chiropractic care nor even speak of chiropractic. And what’s more, the fees felt a little pricey. I have always born a certain suspicious against money-making enterprises.

But, regarding to the choice, after a first half year of treatment, I think my posture has getting better. My hands has straightened and so to my craned neck.

Finally, whether these improvement be a product of my consciously and constantly correcting my ill-posture or of the twists, tugs and presser of the chiropractor, I will never know, nor can the efficacy of chiropractic care be truly accessioned. But one thing is for sure, that my participation in this process has improved my posture.

Russell Chan


“I sought chiropractic care when my friend noticed that I have bad sitting posture. All along I am also aware that I have some slouching problem which I wish to correct. After receiving scheduled adjustment, I realized that I am no longer experiencing back sores during the time of the monthMy sitting posture also improved as I’m able to sit straight with ease.

Full Potential Chiropractic is definitely one option you can consider if you wish to correct similar issue like mine.”


Tang Wen Hui


“My parents began to notice that my posture wasn’t correct when they had begun chiropractic care and they decided to bring me along too. I was completely oblivious to just how bad my posture was until I was shown my x-rays.

I began chiropractic care only expecting on improving my posture and did not expect the results I have received. I am now able to focus much better, move my head much more easily and I have notices a huge improvement in how tired I get during the day.

As well as this, I have been more comfortable when sitting and walking. I didn’t know how much subluxation was truly holding me back.

My advice would be to seek out chiropractic care, even with the slightest discomfort or spinal concern because I can assure you that your wellbeing will improve in more ways than once.”

Emily Cooper


“I used to have back aches and shoulder stiffness. It worsens with long hour’s and sitting or walking. Through friends recommendation to try chiropractic treatment recovery in on its way.

With initial few sessions, I can feel drastic changing like having quality sleep, better posture with walking and back ache condition has improved. No regret in taking up the treatment. Strongly recommend for those who has persistent pain or poor body posture.”


Chris Lim


*”I had a problem of back and upper limb pain due to manual handling of heavy marketing bags and carrying baby. I believe that prolonged sitting in front of my computer is also a contributor to my problems.

Through the recommendation of my colleague, I started to feel the difference. The pains were gone. I feel better with my posture. I felt more confident for some reasons. Because it works on me, I believe in chiropractic my daughters are also undergoing treatment for subluxation and so far the outcomes were rather positive.”

Yvonne Teng


*”I had suffered neck and back pain for a few years’ time. Until one day I felt that I cannot tolerate the pain and discomfort anymore, it was then did I started to think about seeking help from professionals. Fortunately, I came across Full Potential Chiropractic at the roadshow and I went to the doctor to check whether I have spine problems.

Indeed, I have severe spine problems. But the doctor explained to me how chiropractic can help me, I decided to have a try.”

And now, I know I made the right decision, for my neck and back pain has improved so much and my posture is improved as well.

My headache and giddiness also seldom appears. My mood is much better, and I can focus better at work, and I enjoy each chiropractic session!

Thank you – to the chiropractic team of doctors and staffs. Chiropractic really helps!

Li Ming Zhu


*”After the birth of my 1st daughter, my lower back has strained and causes much un-comfort and restrictions to my daily activities. However, with the chiropractic that I received since 2014, I have seen positive changes in my body posture and even the spasms I used to get have faded over time. I feel more flexible and recharged, having able to do more physical activities with my family.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to my family and friends, given its benefits without any need for surgeries and at the same time, the overall progression that I have experienced is a good indicator that it actually works.”

Zalina Rahmat


*”The reason that I came for chiropractic care is unstoppable back and neck pain which give me morning stiffness and activity restriction. The pain and stiffness is haunting in my daily life that I couldn’t concentrate on work.

After the chiropractic adjustments, I feel less stressful on my back and my posture improves. Most importantly, I realized spinal health is important.

I suggest that my colleagues and friends could experience the chiropractic adjustments. It will not let you down. It can also draw your focus on spinal health.”

Eric Deng


*“I was suffering from a constant numbness to my left arm, my posture was bad and I couldn’t sit on chair for a couple of hours even driving over for long distance. After watching clips on YouTube about how chiropractic helped others, I decided to give it a try.

I checked upon Full Potential Chiropractic during a road show at Vivovity and an appointment was made on the spot.”

I was given a brief introduction of how Subluxation affects my nervous systems during my appointment. I like the professionalism of the team making efforts to explain to me my xrays results, range and motion result and the constant updates and reviews of my progress.

After almost 2 months of “power up” the numbness to my left arm was gone and I can sit on a chair without any pain to my back for longer time.

If you are suffering from numbness to parts of your body, step up and let chiropractic help you.”

Jimmy Lim


*“I had neck and shoulder pain, often severe. These pain and bad posture went away after being under chiropractic care. The discomfort has beome less frequent and less sharp than before, I am therefore hopeful that I am on my way to better health.”


Lam Nguyen


*”Before I was introduced to Full Potential Chiropractic, I suffered from lower backaches and was under a lot of stress. I wasn’t able to participate in active sports as frequently as I would have liked due to the lower back pains. I didn’t know what subluxation was and how badly it would affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The whole chiropractic experience was a relief to me.

 With a few adjustments, I was able to see and feel remarkable difference. I felt reduced back pain and my lower back movements were better. I have improved posture. I can now get back to my sports activities. Thankfully, with the team at Full Potential Chiropractic, I was able to discover the condition of my back and prevent it from deteriorating further. I am glad I started with my adjustments so that I can be on the road to recovery.”

Jason Cheang


“For years, my back has been giving me problems whenever I sit, move and even stand. I’ve always been suspecting that something is wrong with my spine and I was proven right when I chanced upon Full Potential Chiropractic which gave me a more detailed examination of my situation.

After the first few adjustments, I was sure chiropractic was the right choice for me as the numbness and aching on my back has reduced tremendously. My posture has also improved, making me more energetic in my daily routine.

I truly believe that natural chiropractic care can improve a person’s lifestyle to a great extent and the earlier we start, the better it will be.”

Kenneth Ngui


*”I have been experiencing severe pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back for the last couple of months, I could never sit or stand for long and it is also affecting my sleep.

After attending a short period of chiropractic adjustments with Full Potential Chiropractic and feel more positive, my posture is improving and the pain has subsided.

I’m looking forward to full recovery and to enjoy life.”

Dora Chang


*”In early 2010, I was experiencing such server back pain (especially in the morning) that at times I was aware that I was walking with a markedly stooped, stiff posture. Purely by chance my wife and I were in Vivo City one weekend and we noticed a stand for chiropractic care. As a result of the discussion I had that day with the chiropractor, I made an appointment to visit the practice at HarbourFront and I commenced regular adjustments shortly thereafter.

One of the startling discoveries I made at the beginning of my care was seeing an X-ray of my spine and realizing the extent of damage to my spinal column and the resultant precarious state of my spinal chord. The resultant improvement over the last year has been quite marked. In general I experienced a lot less back pain, my posture has improved dramatically, and I am also aware of a considerable improvement in the general flexibility of my back.

I would encourage anyone experiencing back pain to get it checked out before it is too late.”

James Ponting


*”I had a curved spine for the past 15 years since I was a kid. Although I went for yearly checkout (x-rays) at HPB during my school days, no solution was given, as my condition is fairly stable. It was only when I was in my mid twenties that I started to feel really sore on my shoulders, neck and my low back. I couldn’t sit or stand straight for very long.

One day. I stumbled upon this chiropractic clinic that was having a roadshow at Ang Mo Kio and it made me do something serious about my condition. For the past year, I went for regular adjustments and did daily exercises as instructed by the chiropractors.

Now, into my second year of adjustment, I can see that my posture is straighter, and my soreness is improving after each adjustment. I can also concentrate better at work and I hope my posture can improve even better, straight like a normal person in the future.”


Lai Qiu Yan


*”Chiropractic had been a foreign term to me until I met doctors from Full Potential Chiropractic, who had shared with me benefits of chiropractic therapy. But do I really need it? – A question that I had asked myself. After my first consultation, I was diagnosed with subluxation and have taken courage to give it a shot.

After going through a series of spinal adjustments, I could observe positive changes in my body. I had better posture and higher energy levels. That has allowed me to concentrate on my work, least I would want fatigue to set in.”

I no longer fall sick easily as well. I am fully convinced of this natural remedy and would strongly encourage those who want to live life to the fullest to come forward for their first consultation and adjustment.

Unleash the full potential chiropractic!!!”

Leslie Han


*”For some time, I’d realized my forward head symptoms from long hours of using the computer. Slouching in my seat, and uneven shoulders from carrying a heavy bag on one side. I was also suffering from insomnia and sometimes, stiff neck and shoulders.

Full Potential Chiropractic is located near my HQ office. I pass by it every time I visit my HQ office. It was unplanned when one day, I decided to just pop in for a check-up, without knowing what they could do for me! It was a shock to know I’m at phase 2 subluxation! After consultation with Dr. Steve, I began receiving adjustments to correct the subluxation”

Only one month has passed since but to my surprise, my posture has shown signs of improvement! My sleep has become better as well and I too found it easier to fall to sleep.

I feel very blessed to have found Full Potential Chiropractic and to discover the subluxation before it develops into something worse that may require operation! Thank you to all the doctors and staff!”

Rebecca Tan


*I was curious what the chiropractic care was about as my sister and daughter have both signed for the program.

I took the plunge and went for the initial check-up. The initial assessment and the subsequent recommendation seemed convincing that it could correct the subluxation that was shown to me in the X-ray.

So after a couple of months I was glad to say the results were encouraging. My usual sensitive nose (which I was on a nasal spray) has more or less disappeared.

Also my spouse commented that my posture is more upright nowadays. More importantly, whenever I am not sitting or standing upright, I don’t feel uncomfortable.” 


Teng Chee Ming

* Results vary from individuals based on goals and effort. Proper exercise and daily habits also contribute to results. Read more.

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