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Chiropractic adjustments: 6 tools & techniques

Activator tool with chiropractic singapore

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Are you looking to find relief from chronic pain? Perhaps your posture has been bothering you lately, or maybe you feel like your body could use an extra boost of energy. Have you ever considered a chiropractic adjustment as a solution?

This type of focused care is not only great for helping alleviate physical issues but can also contribute to overall well being and promote healthy habits. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring six tools and techniques used in chiropractic adjustments that can help balance the body systems so that health is the ultimate goal, such as spinal manipulation, the drop-table technique, the activator method, and more! We will also discuss why it’s important to use them correctly in order to maximise results while minimising any potential risks or side effects.

So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with informative details about how these adjustments work!

First and foremost…

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments are a type of manual therapy that uses precise movements to align the musculoskeletal structures in the body, such as the spine and joints. The main goal is to restore balance so that the body can heal itself naturally.

Chiropractic adjustments are a natural, non-invasive way to help patients find relief from pain and enjoy increased mobility. When the spine is positioned correctly, it boosts nervous system functioning and significantly decreases pressure on your back and neck. These adjustments can be incredibly effective at restoring joint function which in turn permits improved range of motion with less discomfort.

What do chiropractic adjustments help with?

Chiropractic adjustments can help with a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological issues, including pain in the neck, back and shoulders, headaches, sciatica, fatigue, slipped (herniated) discs, pregnancy-related pains and more. It is also beneficial for addressing general muscle tension and bad posture.

Chiropractic adjustments also help with other issues like asthma, allergies and digestive problems by restoring balance within the nervous system. Additionally, they can be used to help with stress and anxiety as well as improve overall health and wellbeing.

6 common chiropractic adjustment techniques & their uses

Now that we understand a bit more about chiropractic adjustments, let’s dive into the six common techniques used by professionals, how they are performed, and what are their benefits.

1. Spinal manipulation (aka. spinal mobilisation)

Spinal manipulation is probably the most well-known technique and involves gentle thrusting of the spine with quick, short movements. It helps to reduce joint fixations and can improve overall flexibility.

This method is utilised by both chiropractors and physical therapists in order to reduce pressure on joints and alleviate inflammation while enhancing nerve function. This “manual therapy technique” utilises delicate thrusting motions along with additional stretching.

What are the benefits of spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is an efficient and safe alternative to help alleviate musculoskeletal issues, such as neck pain, backache, sciatica and headaches. Additionally, this technique can be used to manage other conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Learn more about spinal manipulation here.

2. The Diversified Technique

Spinal check-up for chiropractic care in Singapore

The Diversified Technique is a widely-used approach, embraced by almost every chiropractors and is suitable for most chiropractic patients. This is because it is an evidence based approach, which aims to restore spinal alignment and repair joint dysfunction while maximising mobility for better movement.

This method is often used for chronic pain sufferers as it helps to restore normal movement within the affected areas and reduce muscle tension. It is especially beneficial for back pain, neck pain, shoulder issues and headaches.

What are the benefits of the diversified chiropractic technique?

The Diversified Technique helps to improve overall joint alignment, as well as reduce muscle tension and spasm. This means that it can be used to help with  a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches. Additionally, this method helps to correct posture and increase the range of motion in the affected areas.

3. Spinal decompression

spinal adjustment with chiropractic singapore

Spinal decompression involves working with the spinal column in order to create more space between vertebrae, thus alleviating any strain that may be placed upon spinal nerve endings. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as improve overall posture.

What are the benefits of spinal decompression?

The benefits of this technique include increased range of motion, reduced pain and improved joint flexibility. It can also help to reduce nerve impingement, which occurs when a compressed nerve is pinched by surrounding tissues or bones. Additionally, it helps to improve circulation in the affected areas and promote better healing.

Are there any spinal decompression methods without surgery?

Traditionally, spinal surgery, or surgical spinal decompression, removes any bone or disc material that may be compressing the nerves in the spine. Alternatively, non-surgical spinal decompression applies a targeted manual therapy to reduce pressure and discomfort on the spine without resorting to an invasive operation.

The effectiveness of chiropractic care in addressing spinal cord compression is swiftly becoming the preferred option due to its capacity for reducing inflammation and providing long-term relief from symptoms. This approach eliminates the need for surgery or medications, enabling a form of spinal decompression without any added risks.

Learn more about spinal decompression here.

4. The Drop-Table Technique

chiropractic adjustment with a drop table

The Drop-Table Technique is a chiropractic adjustment process that uses a specially designed table and manual movements to deliver a quick, low-force thrust to the spine. The tables are gently manipulated by the chiropractor to provide drops of up to 2 inches in height, which helps reduce joint fixations and improve mobility. This technique is used in order to loosen tight muscles, as well as create more space between the vertebrae.

What are the benefits of the drop-table chiropractic adjustment technique?

The drop-table chiropractic adjustment is a great tool for reducing joint fixations and inflammation, as well as restoring flexibility in areas that have become stiff due to injury or trauma. By loosening tight muscles and creating space between the vertebrae, this increases the mobility of spinal joints, enabling them to move more freely and naturally.

Oftentimes, this method is used on patients with chronic pain to help them find long-term relief.

Does chiropractic adjustments hurt with the drop-table?

The drop-table often makes a loud sound as the table “drops” when pressure is applied. However, rest assured that this method is virtually painless. The common feedback that we get is that the drop-tables sound a lot more daunting than it is, and the drop motion merely resembles a gentle and light movement that does not cause any discomfort.

5. The activator tool

Activator Tool in chiropractic care Singapore

The activator tool is a handheld instrument which chiropractors use to deliver a low-force, high-speed adjustment to the extremities or the vertebral segments of the spine. This spring-loaded device features two circular ends that push against the spinal segment and can be quickly adjusted for maximum comfort.

What are the benefits of using an activator tool in chiropractic care?

The activator tool is beneficial in delivering controlled and precise adjustments without any manual force. This technique is particularly effective in addressing chronic pain, stiffness, or muscle spasms. Moreover, it can provide relief from a variety of conditions such as headaches and sciatica.

Chiropractors can fine-tune the activator tool and adjust the intensity and force to suit the needs of their patients, allowing them to receive more accurate results from chiropractic care.

Are chiropractic activator tools safe?

The activator is a low-force technique which helps reduce the risk of injury or adverse effects, making it an ideal choice for people who may be sensitive to manual adjustments. These adjustments are fast and gentle, reducing risk of trauma to the spine or other joints.

6. The Gonstead Adjustment

chirorpactic adjustment in Singapore

The Gonstead Adjustment is a powerful technique for correcting misalignment of spinal discs and reinstating full mobility. It works either when the patient is seated or lying down, as the chiropractor precisely targets certain areas in the lower back and pelvis with their hands. With its special contact point approach, this adjustment offers an unparalleled level of accuracy that leads to quick recovery results!

During the application of this technique, the chiropractor will use their hands to locate areas of misalignment or fixations on the spine before performing a thrusting motion at a right angle to the spine.

What are the benefits of The Gonstead Adjustment?

The Gonstead Adjustment is an effective option for restoring spinal alignment and improving nerve function in the body. This can help reduce any chronic pain that may be present, while also helping to correct postural problems. Additionally, it has been found to be beneficial in providing relief from muscle spasms, headaches and sciatica.

How long does The Gonstead Adjustment take?

The average time for a Gonstead adjustment is typically around 5-10 minutes depending on the severity of the issue being addressed. However, prior to getting adjusted, patients are required to undergo a comprehensive spinal check-up and an X-ray to get a full picture of their spinal health and to accurately identify the underlying issues. The spinal check-up and X-rays take about 20-45 minutes.

Chiropractic adjustment techniques that are tailored for you

With many different chiropractic adjustment techniques available, it may seem daunting to choose what is best for you. That is where we come in!

At Chiropractic Singapore, our chiropractors will tailor a solution specifically to your individual needs and health objectives, utilising the most beneficial types of adjustments. This way you can achieve optimal long-term pain relief and improved wellbeing, allowing you to align your body, mind and goals.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above techniques, or see what the best option for you would be, book your spinal check-up with us today!

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