The Story of Mr Lim and His Pain – Part II

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In our last blog post, we met Mr. Lim and discussed why we need to address pain when we feel it, instead of ignoring it and hoping that it will simply go away. Leaving the root cause of the problem unaddressed, it is likely that the pain will grow and manifest itself as a much bigger health challenge.

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That is pretty much what Mr. Lim did, and his first visit to the Medical Doctor provided him with temporary relief, but the numbness and tingling he was feeling soon returned. If you haven’t read the first part of the story, please follow this link.

And now, we continue on with his story:

This story, as said in our last post, serves as a warning. Please do not ignore the pain you are feeling. By ignoring it, you are opening up channels for much deeper and larger problems that will be much harder to correct.

Related Blog: 5 Silent Ways PAIN May Be Costing You. 

Surgery Needs to be a Last Resort

Spinal surgery can be appropriate in severe, emergency situations, but only after non-invasive approaches have proven unsuccessful. Once a surgical procedure is done, oftentimes there is no going back. Surgery can lead to permanent structural changes in the spine.

Many people that require back surgeries often need repeated surgical procedures in the future as they suffer a relapse. There has actually been a medical phenomenon named, “Failed back surgery syndrome.”

This occurs with repeated unsuccessful attempts at correcting a pain-related problem with surgery. In many cases, with each surgical attempt, the problem only gets worse.

How to avoid this? Avoid surgery if at all possible.

Maybe you have heard about the severe challenges that Steve Kerr, the Head Coach of one of the top NBA teams, is dealing with.

Here’s a quote from a famous basketball coach in the US.

“I can tell you if you are listening out there, stay away from back surgery. I can say that from the bottom of my heart… Don’t let anyone get in there (with surgery).”

-Steve Kerr

Head Coach of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors

He had spinal surgery several years ago that caused a rupture in the protective covering of his spinal cord. Now he is dealing with debilitating headaches, and at the most critical time of the basketball season, he had to stop coaching for the time being.

Say Goodbye to Numbness and Tingling with Chiropractic

Numbness and tingling is a serious problem. Often these symptoms are a sign of long-term, unresolved damage in a person’s spine.

If you are experiencing this major red flag, schedule a checkup with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) to see if natural chiropractic care is the answer for you.

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