Chiropractic For Athletes

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A conversation with Amanda

As a national windsurfer athlete with a full-time desk job, Amanda often suffers from lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders.

Before Amanda started her chiropractic care, she expected the sessions to only provide her short-term relief. Now, after a few months of chiropractic adjustments, Amanda has fewer headaches and less low back pain.

Video Transcript

Hi I am Amanda and I’ve been a national athlete for over ten years and I also work full-time over a desk.

Qns: What was life like before chiropractic care?

Ans: I suffered from back pain and I also have a really tight neck and shoulders because of work. Windsurfing is actually quite strenuous on the back, you have to use a lot of back and core to pump the sail. I guess that’s why quite a few of us get back injuries. So after really hard training sessions or competitions, my back really acts up and sometimes its gets to the extent that I can’t even walk straight. Like, I’ll have shooting pains down my leg so that’s when I realised that I should do something about my back injury.

Qns: How did chiropractic change your life?

Ans: Every time I get shoot pains down my leg, I’ll come for my adjustments and I feel like immediate relief. From not being able to stand up straight to being able to train by that weekend. So it really makes a difference coming for my adjustments.

Throughout my chiropractic journey, I also feel that doctors are really caring, they’ll ask me to come in twice(a week), just to make sure that my back is in shape for my training or competition that weekend. So it’s been a really great journey for me so far.

To be honest, before I started my chiropractic journey, I thought it’ll just be a short term relief and it wouldn’t make much of a difference but coming for my chiropractic adjustments for a few months now, I realised that it has really made a difference.

When I’m working at the computer, I don’t feel that constant tightness in my neck, and I don’t get my headaches as often now. As for my windsurfing, I can really feel a difference in my lower back pain and my shooting pain down my leg is not often as well. I feel that the chiropractic adjustments have really helped realign my spine and my pelvic.

I think, previously I was pretty sceptical, but now I’m pretty convinced

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