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Iskandar and Fadilah

With three kids (and a fourth in tow!) Iskandar and his wife Fadilah often suffered from fatigue. In particular, Fadilah’s previous pregnancies caused her to have stiff neck and shoulders.

⁣After starting their chiropractic care, ⁣the family has noticed huge improvements in their health as a whole – not only are they getting sick less often, but also are resting better and have more energy to do things together as a family!

Video Transcript


Husband: Hi I’m Iskandar. We’ve been with Chiropractic Singapore for the past six months since February of this year (2020).

Wife: Hi I am Fadilah and I am a stay-home mom. We have three beautiful kids and I‘m currently pregnant with my fourth.

Qns: What Was Life Like Before Chiropractic?

Iskandar: I was in the army for about twelve and a half years. I was an infantry officer. So I’ve realised in the course of the twelve and a half years, I’m no longer eighteen. Your body has taken a lot of beating, thus far.

Fadilah:  I have only tried chiropractic in my fourth pregnancy, and I wish I did it a lot sooner because its like magic. 

Iskandar: What I realised is that the more I do not take care of my body, the slower it takes to recover. You feel more sore, more fatigue. We realise we are really not in the optimal condition and why we are doing this is really so that we can become better parents.

Qns: How did chiropractic change your lives?

Iskandar: You know, you want to be active parents to be able to spend time with your children. And for me, as a father and husband, this is really what I want to do. You move much better, you recover faster and that helps in your overall health. I personally feel that it is family because that is the sense you get when you come to FPC. Whether it’s the front desk, you make close relationships with them. Whether it is Dr Nicole, so it becomes a weekly thing that our family looks forward to.

Fadilah: All my back pains, I don’t feel them anymore. Or when I do, I will just come to Dr Nicole and she will fix it and I will be good as new. Overall I feel really great. You know I have three kids. It’s tiring because I’m home with them all the time. The wellbeing extends beyond just the children. It is for us, most importantly.

So, take care of yourself first and then you will be able to do what you need to do for your family!

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