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Chiropractic For Working Adults

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A conversation with Farisha

Working from home, Farisha would often be plagued with headaches, day and night, due to tension in her lower back and neck.

Within two months of chiropractic care, she is already seeing improvements with her lower back and neck pains. Furthermore, she has also started cultivating good postural habits.

Video Transcript


Hi, my name is Farisha Ishak and I’ve been at Chiropractic Singapore for two months now.

Qns: What was life like before chiropractic care?

Ans: So especially when I work from home, I don’t have a proper desk and a proper ergonomic chair which is very important. I get a lot of tension in my lower back and neck so it causes a lot of headaches for me.

I think the headaches really takes the cake for me. It really affects my productivity at home, especially when I go to bed at night, it really is not comfortable at all. So I figured that I needed to get it fixed ASAP.

So I’ve gotta be honest, I think if not for my sister and her family, I probably would have been okay living with the pain because I’ve never researched or looked too much into chiropractic. So when I heard from my sister who is currently pregnant about her lower back pain that’s completely vanished because of chiropractic care. I decided to give it a try and during my first check-up, I discovered there were so many things that were wrong with my back and my neck. So I’m really glad I got that checked out and I’m on the way to fixing it right now.

Qns: How has chiropractic care changed your life?

Ans: So I’ve been with chiropractic Singapore for two months now, but I’ve already felt some improvements especially to my lower back and my neck. So, one, I definitely felt lesser headaches and they are less intense if there are. And for my lower back as well, every time I feel pain and every time I go for adjustments, it would just vanish, and I think its definitely less painful for my lower back so that has been really cool and I didn’t expect that.
The thing about chiropractic care is that its definitely a two-way thing, like I do come for my adjustments, but at the same time, I also have to manage my own habits. So the fact that I come for chiropractic adjustments so often like twice a week, it sort of makes me more aware of my posture and I think my posture has been the biggest thing causing all these tensions in my back and my neck. So, the fact that I go for chiropractic adjustments so often is sort of reminds me every time that you have to sit properly, you have to stand properly. So it has definitely increased my awareness which is great but it also reminds me that chiropractic care is a two-way thing.

You can get adjusted but you also have to fix your habits in order to be better

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